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How long does a typical Enable Onboarding process take?

In simple terms: it depends!

How long it takes to get your business up and running with Enable will depend mainly on the complexity of your rebate mechanisms and how much time your team can devote to the project. Although some customers have completed the process in just over a month, onboarding usually takes 8 to 12 weeks.

Who will be responsible for what?

What we will do for you:

Your Onboarding team will help you prepare and load the trading agreements for your top 5 trading partners (of your choice) in your new Trading Programs channel. We will work with you to decide on the ‘best fit’ configuration for your channel to meet your business’s needs.

What we will do together:

Your Onboarding team will create a custom Onboarding plan to outline the steps you will take to get you fully up and running with Enable. We will work with your team to execute this plan via a series of online meetings, face-to-face workshops, and training sessions. Through this time, your team will not only be empowered to fully populate and administer your channel, but you will also learn how to use all the tools you will need to successfully manage your trading agreements in the system.

How many trading agreements will Enable help me with during Onboarding?

The trading agreements for up to 5 trading partners — you will provide us with copies of existing trading agreements from a variety of trading partners (some more complex, some less so) and we will help you represent these in your channel.

How do I know if I will be able to represent my programs & load my data?

While we are striving to make the process of moving to Enable as painless as possible, there may be some business processes that we are not able to recreate for you.

Our process works such that our team will configure our product in such a way that it is a ‘best fit’ with your business.

If our existing capabilities do not quite satisfy all of your requirements, we have a robust feedback process in place, to progress any future enhancements to Enable. This is managed by a dedicated Product Management team. Your Customer Success Manager will ensure to keep you up to date with any feedback you have raised, and how they are progressing.

When will Onboarding be complete?

You will be able to sign off Onboarding once:

  • You are up and running with your top 5 trading partners in your Live channel;
  • You have been able to validate that the trading agreements and their earnings match the current calculations in your existing system;
  • Plans are in place for transitioning over to Enable as the sole rebate management solution in your business.

What happens after Onboarding?

Once the Onboarding process has come to an end, is doesn’t all stop there!

Enable will offer you their “Aftercare” service, whereby the Customer Success team will be on hand to support you during your transition to Enable to ensure your business successfully adopts the software into its day-to-day operations.

Your users will be able to continue to access Enable’s ongoing product support services for the longevity of your subscription.

How much resource is required?

During onboarding, we will work with you to set up your primary data, along with some sample agreements and transaction data. To support this at your end you will need key stakeholders to attend a weekly progress meeting, provide us with details of some sample agreements that you want us to set up, and provide your primary data in the format required for importing into the Enable Trading Programs platform. During this process we may need to work closely with your data team to discuss precise requirements and ensure we have everything we need to model your rebate agreement data.

Once we have set up your primary data and some sample programs, we will support your team while they test your data in the platform to confirm that your agreements are accurately modelled, and you are getting the results that you expect. We will then invite your team to training sessions to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Our "Your project team" section of our help center describes more about the different roles required from your team during Onboarding.

Is IT resource or technical expertise needed during the onboarding process?

If you wish to make use of certain features of Enable, technical expertise will be needed during the Onboarding process, which may involve your IT team.

  • Automated Imports / Data management · We will require initial data files to import primary and transaction data. This sometimes involves a data cleansing or mapping exercise to transform your existing data into a form that Enable can work with. Longer term, you may wish to make use of our Automated Imports feature to keep Enable in sync with your data warehouse or ERP system. Setting this up would involve IT resource and technical expertise relating to your existing systems to automate an export of data that Enable can use.
  • Single Sign-on · Configuring Single Sign-on (or SSO) will require help from IT or system administrators.
  • Enable API · Making use of the Enable API will involve technical knowledge and skill in programming.

What does the process look like?

We will work with you and use our extensive knowledge to understand how your business processes will be most effectively modelled in the Enable Trading Programs application. We will ensure that you know what is expected of you every step of the way. We will describe the data that we need from you and help you to transform it into the right format for importing into the system. Once we have helped you to select a representative sample of your data, and it is configured in the Trading Programs platform, we will support your testing and make any tweaks to the configuration to ensure that your move to Enable is as smooth as possible.

After completing the onboarding process and confirming that the configuration is correct, you will move to the next phase, where we will help to ensure that the rest of your agreement data is transferred to Enable Trading Programs, and you can manage all of your rebate agreements through Enable.

To read more about the process of transitioning to Enable, please see the Journey to Enable section of our help center.

When you are happy that the transition is complete, Enable's Customer Success team will continue to support you through our aftercare process.

Who will set up my integrations?

The Enable Trading Programs platform comes with an API that can be used to integrate with your other systems. We provide developer documentation to help your developers to set up integrations with the API using standard JSON API interactions.

Enable Trading Programs also includes a dedicated reports section that allows you to filter and export your data for analysis offline.

We can also provide the Financials application to configure and export financial snapshot data to integrate with your finance packages.

For data imports we can configure an SFTP location for you to securely upload dimension data such as your products and branches, and transaction data, for automatic import. Alternatively you can use manual imports through the Trading Programs browser application, or you can allow your trading partners to upload transaction data into your channel through our Collaborator module.

For other types of integrations please feel free to discuss your requirements with your Customer Success team.

What can I prepare beforehand?

In the early stages of our onboarding process, we will aim to get a clear understanding of your current processes and examples of the kinds of rebate agreements you have in place. Being able to demonstrate how you currently manage your rebate agreements and provide us with some documents detailing some typical agreements will help us to get started straightaway on designing your Enable Trading Programs implementation.

How do we share information during onboarding?

Enable provides a comprehensive set of applications for managing the onboarding process. As soon as you are registered on the Enable platform you will have access to all of your project information, which will include current and completed projects for your organization. You will also have access to our helpdesk ticketing backlog, allowing you to raise tickets with us, and our clarifications backlog which allows us to raise any queries with you. You will also have access to our help center and a documents collection through Enable apps.

For transfer of files, we can set up an SFTP location for you to use to securely transfer data to us.

How often do we engage?

Your Onboarding team will arrange a weekly progress meeting with you. In addition to this we will work closely with you throughout the Onboarding process to ensure that you have all the support you need to complete your transition to the Enable platform. Any other meetings required during the process will be scheduled as needed.

How do I get in touch?

You can reach your Customer Success team via Enable’s Helpdesk support service either by email or telephone, 24 hours every business day, 52 weeks of the year.

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