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Getting started with Collaborator

Welcome to the Collaborator quick start guide! From here, you'll find everything you need to get up and running, and start realizing the benefits of Collaborator.

If you can't access Enable, email us at If you're already set up and encountering issues, please raise a ticket on our 24/5 Helpdesk.

Use the following quick-and-easy steps to start negotiating deals using Collaborator, in ten minutes or less!

What is Collaborator?

Collaborator is a web-based software product from Enable that facilitates collaboration between trading partners. It is part of the Enable suite of software products which includes Trading Programs and Special Pricing Agreements.

Collaborator allows you to easily and securely view agreements provided by your trading partners, and allows you to submit your transaction data directly to them, as well as sign off on your trading programs.

Signing up to Collaborator

We’re excited to get you started with Collaborator.

To start collaborating, you will need to be invited by an Enable user. Once you’re invited, follow these simple steps below to complete the set up of your new account:

Step 1: Click the link in the invite email to create a password.

Step 2: Enter your details and click submit.

Step 3: The phone number is not mandatory but please remember to remove any spaces if adding it:

  • 012201652123 - phone number without the country code;
  • 004412201652123 - Europe with UK's country code;
  • 0016282511057 - USA and Canada with the country code.

You’re all set!

Using Collaborator

You can log in to the Collaborator app to view your agreements with trading partners.

Your trading partner may also invite you to sign off your trading programs through our streamlined Collaborator UI, providing a much quicker and easier approval process that reduces friction in agreement negotiations. Collaborator supports comments on trading programs, providing a hub for you to nurture your trading relationships and facilitating negotiations if proposed deals aren’t quite right!

With permissions, your trading partner can also allow you to submit transaction data via Collaborator.


If you require any assistance with Collaborator during the upload process, please reach out to our support team by raising a Helpdesk ticket here, email us at, or call us on +44 330 3112 606 or +1 628 251 1057.

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