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Viewing your activity log

The Activity log in Collaborator gives a detailed view of all the activity that has been undertaken within your Collaborator account.

Activity displayed here includes invitations to collaborate with your trading partners, changes in access, and records of trading programs (rebate agreements) being signed off.

You may use the Owners search to filter the activity log by trading partner (e.g. the supplier or customer you are collaborating with in Enable). If you leave the search empty, a history of all your activity will be displayed.

Activity log in Collaborator

The activity log table displays the following information:

  • Description: A brief overview of the activity, e.g. Accepted invitation to collaborate.
  • Owner: The Enable trading partner who has asked you to collaborate, or who the activity relates to.
  • Partners: The name of your organization, i.e. the company you are representing.
  • Date: The date the activity occurred.
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