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Configurable terms within Enable

There are a number of terms within Trading Programs which can be configured to suit your organization’s needs. Throughout Enable, including in this help center, there may be references to specific terms that appear frequently. Some of these common terms, along with their generic equivalents, can be found here:

Generic Term Specific Terms
Trading Partner Supplier, vendor, customer, fabricator, manufacturer
Trading Partner Attribute City, ZIP Code, Category
Dimension Product, branch, location, turnover type
Dimension Attribute Product category, region
Payment Receipt, remittance
Terms item Delivery details, terms and conditions, rebate terms, payment terms
Program line mechanism Fixed %, Fixed amount, Targeted amount with monetary targets

If a help center article uses one of these specific terms, it will usually apply to all specific terms that follow from the corresponding generic term.

Most of these terms are configured by Enable. If you would like to change any of your channel’s terminology, please raise a helpdesk ticket.

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