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Access Enable's help

It is possible to access Enable's Help from within the Trading Programs app. To do this, simply click on the Hub switcher button in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar, just next to the notification bell. Clicking on this will trigger the Enable apps side panel to appear and clicking on the Support button will then take you to our support hub where you can navigate around our different help features. This includes Tickets, Help center, Projects, Contacts and Documents. There are also different widgets along the bottom to quickly do some of the more common things.

Tickets - This will take you to our ticketing system, Cello, where you can raise a request with our team or leave valuable feedback on our software for us to review.

Help center - This will take you to our help center which contains plenty of articles about how to use our software. Here, you will also find our product newsletter on our latest set of updates. These are released approximately every 6 weeks.

Projects - You will find all the projects we have with you in this tile. This will include both open and closed projects, each with features and documents against them.

Contacts - All of your relevant Enable contacts will be in this file, along with the contact information for our Helpdesk.

Documents - Here will be a list of all the documents which we have sent for your viewing.

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