Why Use Enable Rebate Management Solutions

Strategically transform rebate management for you, your business and your trading partners

Why Enable?

Rebates are key behavioral drivers.
This year alone, rebates will impact $70tn of global trade.
But despite all this, rebate execution is broken and data remains siloed.
Resulting in disputes and distrust between trading partners.
So the opportunities to maximize revenue and collaborate are often missed.

Not anymore.

With Enable, everything is more transparent.
You can manage rebates with ease and restore trust and loyalty through the supply chain.
Finally, a rebate management solution both you, your team
and trading partners can get behind.

Spend less time managing rebates and more time unlocking their strategic value

1. Take back control of your rebates

Optimize and automate rebate management to improve accuracy and reduce man hours.

  • Calculations you can trust - and backdate
  • Automatic accrual generation
  • Efficient cash collection without ambiguity

2. Improve rebate performance

Maximize the value you get from your rebates, incentives and other B2B deals.

  • Track progress and deal effectiveness
  • Detailed modelling for informed negotiations
  • Robust audit trail and financial transparency

3. Trading partner collaboration

Nurture relationships with your trading partners and uncover new ways of creating revenue growth.

  • Join business plans
  • Targeted sales programs
  • Real-time data exchange

Everything you need from a rebate management system

Enable makes even the most complex rebate arrangements easy to manage. Here’s what you get when you use Enable rebate program management to get a handle your rebates, incentives and other trade agreements.

Manage your rebates & B2B deals

  • Centralized deal repository
  • Program lines
  • Trading programs

Highlight your rebate opportunities

  • Progress tracker
  • Audit trail
  • Reporting
  • Forecasting

Calculate, accrue and make payments

  • Automatic calculation
  • Payment controls
  • Accrual calculations
  • Finance app


  • Transactions
  • Approval workflow
  • Collaborator portal

Enable in action: trading programs search

Use the Search functionality in Trading Programs to find the trading programs you want to view.

Enable in action: rebate forecasting

Estimate future rebate earnings. Enable forecasts the total spend of the program line and then calculates the forecast earnings based on that forecasted spend.

Enable in action: progress tracker

Keep track of the progress made toward ongoing deals, with visibility of current spending to help you optimize potential earnings.

Enable in action: executive summary

Easily present summarized information to senior-level approvers with the Executive Summary template for approval workflow.

See why our customers chose Enable

Case study


With thousands of individual rebate elements to manage—from product-specific incentives to volume-based rebate—ensuring every member receives the right rebate at the right time was a highly complex task.


Today, AD uses Enable to negotiate, calculate, pay and report on supplier rebates totaling hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Their data is organized in a centralized database, which allows them to perform analysis on trended purchases, deal comparison, rebate review etc. without the use of Word, Excel of PDF documents.

I’d say the events that really pushed us to start looking for a solution was when we realized we were owed a rebate of $500,000 that we did not receive. It really solidified my thoughts that we needed a better rebate management solution
Matt Freedman,
Director of Finance at GPS

Discover how you can drive profitable growth for your business with Enable.