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Wolseley Canada is the country’s leading national distributor of plumbing, HVAC/R and PVF products. With a network of over 220 branches coast-to-coast, and a national team of sales and service specialists, the Wolseley team is known for their knowledge and expertise that customers have come to rely on for their ever-changing needs. Wolseley has Canada’s largest inventory of leading brand faucets and fixtures, relationships with the best vendors and brands in the business, and the most robust eCommerce platform in the industry.

Wolseley Canada parent company is Ferguson PLC – the world's largest trade distributor of plumbing and heating products, leading supplier of waterworks, industrial and building materials. Collectively Ferguson PLC bridges the gap between 60,000 suppliers and serves 1.1 million customers.

We met with Shawn Hulshof, Vice President of Category Management at Wolseley Canada to talk about how his team have been using the Enable rebate platform since 2018 and the benefits they have gained.

How have you found using Enable?

Shawn Hulshof explains, “Coming into a new business, my focus was on the programs that we had established with our partners. The first question is always how are we managing those? I was pleasantly surprised with the Enable platform. I found that it is incredibly user-friendly, it offers a well-defined interface and what I love the most is the workflow management components within the program. Enable allows my team of category managers and myself to effectively manage our rebate programs, as well as, engaging with our finance team to share this information.”

Enable has an intuitive interface

Shawn explains, “Having dealt with rebates, vendor and supplier programs for many years, I actually didn't expect the user interface to be as great as it is. I expected something a little more rugged. It's incredibly intuitive for the users which makes the task of managing rebates just that much better. To have everything contained in one centralized deal repository, creating one single source of the truth, that to me is one of the biggest benefits.”

Enable is a truly collaborative platform

Shawn says, “Enable allows our teams and our vendor partners to leverage a shared digital workspace. Having that one platform where we can manage documents and agreements in one space is fantastic. There's no more scanning, there's no more multiple emails, it's all within one area. By using Enable’s workflow management, we know exactly where our agreements are at, at any given time and so do our partners. There are tremendous benefits to both sides and I’m really looking forward to further deploying that across more vendor partners here at Wolseley Canada.”

How have you found working with the Enable team?

Shawn says, “Well Enable is a great team and what I will say is they are incredibly customer-focused and very responsive. The sales and solutions consultant team really spend time getting to know you, getting to understand your needs, and we have a lot of fun doing it as well. Not every wholesaler and not every retailer is the same, nor do they manage their business in a similar way and Enable understands this.”  

Enable provides one version of the truth

Shawn says, “Having managed many vendor programs for many years, it is so great to see that there is one rebate platform where we can have a consolidated version of the truth for both the wholesaler or even retailer in some cases and their vendor partners. All I can say is stop using spreadsheets! It is truly life changing. There are other manual solutions, but they certainly don't offer the benefits that Enable does.”

Enable allows my team of category managers and myself to effectively manage our rebate programs, as well as, engaging with our finance team to share this information

Shawn Hulshof
Vice President of Category Management

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