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Rebate Aware

Rebates are a necessary evil.

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The Bad

Rebate Aware folks have an old school approach to rebate management. And if you’re in this category, you might think there’s nothing bad about that! When we say “old school,” we mean:

  • Your deal terms aren’t recorded digitally
  • You manage your rebates through clunky, error-prone spreadsheets
  • Responsibility for rebate management is one among many
  • You see rebates a necessary evil, just one more layer of income or cost

Did you know there’s more to rebates? 

The Good

It’s time to move from simple awareness into a tactical role. You probably already understand that rebates help drive loyalty — so it’s time to take that one step further and use rebates as a tool to drive sales, too.

How do you get to the next level? Consider:

  • Digitizing your deal terms
  • Providing transparency into terms to minimize disputes
  • Leveraging rebates as a loyalty and sales tool
  • Throw out those error-prone spreadsheets

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The Solution: How Rebates can Transform your Experience

Nothing helps the Rebate Aware more than a tool designed to handle rebates. This means no more clunky spreadsheets or hours of data-processing in an ERP. The best way to step out of the Rebate Aware role is to get organized, get collaborative with trading partners and become tactical about all the ways rebates can help drive revenue and improve margins.

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