Enable: Transforming the Customer Journey

Explore quantifiable results where Enable customers accelerated savings and boosted revenue using rebate management software in this Canalys study commissioned by Enable.

ROI That Speaks for Itself

Rebate management has become critical to how the supply chain operates. In economic uncertainty, predictable revenue is a key factor for organizations. Evaluating which rebate management platform can give you full control over your rebates while delivering the most value can be difficult. You need to know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

That’s why Enable commissioned Canalys for this report, to bring together a trusted resource for buyers evaluating rebate management software options. Featuring direct perspectives from Enable customers, this study evaluates the potential financial impact of rebate management software on your business.

Companies That Implemented Enable:

  • Realized $2.5M with improved commercial strategy
  • Enhanced cash flow and slashed payment timeframes from 12 to 4 weeks, freeing up accrued cash for manufacturers
  • Experienced 100% increase in rebate vendors

Download the report to learn why Enable is the only rebate management platform for companies across the supply chain seeking an end-to-end solution that automatically tracks, manages and analyzes your rebates in one platform, giving you the transparency and control to maximize their value.

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