Enable celebrates International Day of Happiness

Enable celebrates International Day of Happiness

March 20th marks the celebration of International Day of Happiness. This particular day, established by the UN and celebrated for the first time in 2013, recognises the idea that feeling happy is a global human right.

The theme for this year's International Day of Happiness is 'Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind' and is, of course, in response to the current climate we face worldwide. This year's International Day of Happiness is a chance to find uplifting and positive ways to look after ourselves – and one another, whether it's at home or at work.

  • Keep calm - There are lots of things outside our control. Let’s remember to breathe and focus on what really matters so we can respond constructively.
  • Stay wise - Making wise choices helps everyone. Let’s choose positive actions that support our well-being and help others to do the same.
  • Be kind - We’re all in this together, even when we’re forced apart. Let’s stay connected and reach out to help others who may be in need.


At Enable, happiness in the workplace is very important to us. We continue to create a culture of openness and transparency; one built on mutual respect and the free sharing of expertise. We promote the concept of a healthy work-life balance and a happy social environment. We also offer a whole host of benefits for our staff including continuous training, free lunch, social events and much more! Did we mention we're hiring?!

With the majority of us now working from home, here are some helpful happiness tips!

  • Take regular breaks
  • Get outside
  • Set boundaries between work and home life
  • Recognise others
  • Switch up your routine
  • Stay connected

We asked colleagues at Enable "What makes you happy at work?"

"Enable has a fast growing and exciting team, the team and the people is what makes Enable such a good place to work".

Hope Rowe-Hartman, Account Executive

"For me I am most happy when someone else is just as enthusiastic by an idea as much as me and when I figure out how to simplify work for myself with a new tool. Also I have met many great colleagues at Enable who have similar interests to me."

Josh Clark, Implementation Analyst

"The exceptional people that work at Enable make me happy! Everyone is always supportive of each other, and there is always time to share ideas and work together as a team to deliver the best experience we can for our customers.”

Bradley Hopkinson, Lead Engineer

“The things that make me happy at work are working within a team of great people that are all working hard towards the same goal. Also, the ability to help users with any computer issues they might have gives me a great sense of satisfaction at being able to fix their issues. Working at a company that values their employees.”

Alex Learmond, Junior IT Technician

“Happiness is pretty subjective, but happiness in the work place for me is feeling valued, integral, and appreciated. Employees at Enable work really hard. When you work hard, and go above and beyond your duties, it’s so important to feel appreciated. We are treated equally regardless of job title or background, we are listened too and have the ability to create change, and we are applauded for success. As a “fairly” recent graduate, growth is really important to me as well. I know that I have the tools, support, and guidance to achieve my goals at Enable, so this too has a very positive impact on my day to day activities.”

Ryan Brown, BDR Team Leader

"When our team get together and work for a common cause. When we make our customers or clients satisfied with quick and effective solutions. When all parts of the business collaborate in unison. When a simple thank you lands on my desk in appreciation of my efforts. When I realise that working from home gives me a better work/life balance and I don't need to face the rush hour drive. And finally, when the sun is shining, and I can step out for 2 minutes to appreciate the beauty and tranquillity of life!"

Darren Hussain, IT Technician

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing on International Day of Happiness, take a moment to call a loved one, do something or think about something that makes you happy. 

Elizabeth Lavelle

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