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Rebate Reactive

Like most people when it comes to rebates, you’re just trying to get by.

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Escape Reactivity with Enable

The Bad

As a Rebate Reactive, you’re probably barely staying on top of your rebate programs. Unfortunately, you're trapped in a reactive cycle where all you can do is exactly what everyone is telling you to do. You're constantly scrambling to:

  • Manage and update error-prone spreadsheets
  • Find misplaced deal terms
  • Manage and update error-prone spreadsheets
  • Chase down business partners for payments

That’s a lot to deal with. But we’re here to say it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Good

Rebate Reactives are usually one step away from being Rebate Aware—meaning you can escape rebate reactivity. 

That’s a lot to deal with. But we’re here to say it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • First, understand that rebates are just a tool to induce behavior in your business partners.
  • should work for both your trading partner and you. That’s right: your rebate programs should be helping your business, too!

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The Solution: How Rebates can Transform your Experience

Nothing helps the Rebate Reactive more than a tool designed to handle rebates. This means no more clunky spreadsheets or hours of data-processing in an ERP. The best way to step out of the Rebate Reactive role is to get organized, get collaborative with trading partners and become aware of all the ways rebates can help drive revenue and improve margins.

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