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Rebate Strategists.

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We're Here for the

Rebate Strategists.

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Sometimes, it feels like no one out there understands what rebates matter to businesses.  So we created a community where rebate managers from around the world can gather without leaving their desks.

This is your 24/7 hub to chat with other distributors, manufacturers and retailers about rebates, from simple management all the way to complex, revenue-driving strategies.  

We Get You.

  • Join other experts who know how to leverage rebates to facilitate better trading relationships and agreements, accelerate business growth and increase revenue.

  • Access to exclusive conversations about the real-world problems you face — and the tools, experience and confidence to overcome them.

  • A place that just gets you. You might be the only person at your company who works with rebates. Here, you’re not alone.

The Ultimate Rebate Strategists Community is here

You Belong Here.

We've created unique channels for different groups so you can engage in the conversations that matter most to you and filter out the rest.


Catch up on Catalyze 2023

If you missed any of the rebate management conference of the year, we’ve got you covered. Catch up on all the keynotes, panels and breakout sessions.

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Small but Mighty

Join our rapidly growing community of rebate strategists, finance  professionals and more to get the support you need.

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