Support: keeping your software up and resolution times down

Support: keeping your software up and resolution times down

Enable's dedicated Client Services team are on hand to provide our clients with an ongoing helpdesk support service, covering general questions, diagnosing problems, fixing bugs and discussing possible changes to existing software systems.

Once a client raises an issue, Enable records a detailed ticket to keep track of the request, and stay organized as the team's work progresses. Rather than passing responsibility to third-party providers, our team takes direct ownership in resolving issues. This leaves our clients safe in the knowledge that requests will be resolved efficiently and speedily.

Our helpdesk support services are available during the UK working hours of  8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. By being easily contactable by telephone and email, we ensure there are efficient communication channels available for clients to report incidents and receive feedback.

We appreciate the vital role our software plays within our clients' businesses and the disruption that can be caused when a problem occurs. We take great pride in our response times, with our in-house helpdesk software system ensuring our clients receive an initial communication from our team within 30 minutes of raising a request. We manage expectations by publishing a set of target resolution times, as follows:

Category A

The entire software solution is down and is inaccessible.

4 hours

Category B

Operation of the software is severely degraded or an entire area of functionality is not operational.

8 hours

Category C

A specific function of the software is not operational while most other major components of the software remain functional.

5 days

Category D

Errors that are non-disabling and clearly have little or no impact on the normal operation of the software. Queries, questions, requests for quotation.

10 days

Due to the systematic maintenance and testing we perform, category A incidents are virtually non-existent. Most support requests tend to fall into categories C and D, and we have a track record of significantly beating our target resolution times for tickets in those categories.

As a result of the rapid expansion of our team -- which has doubled in the last two years -- we have achieved incremental improvements to our already impressive resolution times. With a larger team, we have been able to train more developers on more of the solutions we manage.

Each developer at Enable is assigned one day per week to attend to support tasks. With several developers concentrating solely on support at any one time, we are able to achieve consistently excellent resolution times.

Since the beginning of 2016 our resolution times across all categories have remained consistently below 7 hours, with our average resolution time for 2017 currently sat at an impressive 6.6 hours. This is a massive 40% improvement from our 2015 average of 11 hours.

21 hrs (2013)
11 hrs (2015)
7 hrs (2017)

David Hunt, Enable's Operations Director comments: “Responding quickly and thoroughly to support requests is something our team are obsessively attentive to every day. We want our clients to be confident that if something goes wrong, or they need our help for any reason, we'll be ready and capable of meeting their needs.”

Our continuous approach to improving both our response times and the quality of our helpdesk service has helped us retain existing clients and win new business. Sales for 2016 increased to more than £3.15m, up from £2.65m the previous year. In 2017 we are on track to cross the £4m milestone.

David Hunt

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