Practical advice on successfully implementing rebate management software

Practical advice on successfully implementing rebate management software

An effective rebate management system is proven to offer a huge range of benefits to businesses in many industries and sectors and is essential for any company hoping to be successful in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive deal economy.

For many reasons, the idea of selecting, implementing, and deploying a rebate management system seems like a daunting task, with a lot of work involved and challenges ahead. However, with proper planning during the pre-implementation phase, breaking up the project into manageable stages and support from a world-class Customer Success team, you will undoubtedly see success from your software implementation.

Here are some tips to follow from Enable's current customers to make sure your software implementation runs smoothly and that you get the most out of your new system. If it’s done correctly, the payoff will be huge for your organization.

Sally Jasper, Group Rebate Coordinator, MKM Building Supplies

Communication is key, build up a good relationship with your Customer Success Manager and ensure that you discuss all of your needs fully and give honest and open feedback as this helps the progression and development of the product as a whole.

Finance Manager, Healthcare Industry

Understand your requirements in full and then send over to Enable to get a demonstration against those requirements rather than working as you go along.

Scott Weir, VP Purchasing, Thos Somerville Co.

Discuss your organizational needs prior to onboarding. The software is very robust and can be scaled down based on your needs.

Matt Freedman, Director of Finance, General Plumbing Supply

Fully explain your internal procedures so the Enable team can cater the platform to how you do business.

Bob Gay, Customer Profitability Manager (Rebates), Advanced Auto Parts

The Enable team understands rebates, it’s not just a system thrown together, from the get-go they listened to us and could provide us with flexibility.

Mark Gilham, Finance Director, Grafton Group PLC

Rebates can get complicated very quickly, so keep the software simple – get them to commit to what they say they can do from day one. Make sure the software solution can tick all your boxes, don’t take any compromises.

Customer in Building Materials industry

Consider the operational and financial benefits that your company may be able to enjoy by managing rebates more efficiently and accurately.

Kerry Atlas VP of Operations & Finance, NetPlus Alliance

Enable does expand the possibility of being able to negotiate better and deeper deals. It’s something that I think is a necessity, especially from a financing perspective. You want to make sure that your information isn’t held in a spreadsheet. Enable is a cloud-based solution, which means you’re not at risk of losing something on a server and that has really brought me some peace of mind.

Having delivered cloud-first rebate management software to clients in a broad range of sectors, we can offer the support and guidance you need to get the very most from your rebates and B2B deals. Get in touch to see how we can support you and answer any of your software implementation questions.

Elizabeth Lavelle

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