Encourage closer collaboration with your trading partners via the Messages App

Encourage closer collaboration with your trading partners via the Messages App

At Enable, our vision is to reshape how B2B deals are deployed, managed and measured to help both sides of the trading relationship succeed. We see collaboration between trading partners as the key to maintaining this relationship, and the use of software to facilitate collaboration has never been more important than in the current climate. As such, we are happy to announce an exciting new application we have been working on – Messages.

Messages is the go-to place for seamless communication between you and your trading partners. Within Messages, you can share documents and links with your partners via tickets. These tickets act as a repository of correspondence either internal to your organization or externally between your organization and your trading partner's organization. This avoids emails being lost in inboxes and files being stored locally and allows information to be shared seamlessly between those that need to have access to it (e.g., between procurement and finance).

We envisage the main use of Messages as a hub where team members can view historic and active communications with their trading partners, where interactions are purposeful with a clear call to action, and where information can be stored long-term.

The idea is to have a place where:

  • Real-time information is visible to all stakeholders;
  • A new stakeholder can be enrolled at any time without sifting through a chain of emails;
  • You can reduce the dependency on a single individual;
  • High-efficiency working practices are provided when dealing with large numbers of requests.

Look out for the message icon across the Enable platform and watch the explainer video below to find out more.

Elizabeth Lavelle

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