Enable’s Q3 Product Release Roundup

Enable’s Q3 Product Release Roundup

At Enable, our mission is to facilitate trusted trading relationships to serve customers better together. That’s why whatever stage of the rebate management journey you're on, we’re always listening to your needs and continuing to build solutions that address the obstacles to effective rebate management.  

We’ve come a long way but there is always room to innovate and improve. Every update that we introduce in our product aims to make your Enable experience even better.

Our product and development team have been hard at work to bring you the most recent enhancements from the last quarter. In case you missed any of them, we’ve compiled a breakdown:

  1. NetSuite ERP Integration

Enable and NetSuite have teamed up to bring you the ultimate rebate management solution.

Now, you can maximize the arrangement of your deals as all your transactions, items, relationships and complex deal arrangements will be integrated between Enable and NetSuite. This allows you to easily manage your deals with seamless updates to your NetSuite ERP.

We have made it easier for you to see an incredible range of information, including the status of your trading relationships, units sold, rebate dollars earned and so much more.

  1. Executive Dashboard  

Executive Dashboard highlights a business’ biggest rebate opportunities, providing an up-to-date summary of program performance to guide critical business decisions. Executives can use insights on the dashboard to:  

  • Quickly determine which agreements have the highest potential to increase rebate earnings by making strategic spending decisions  
  • Understand where there are opportunities to negotiate rebate agreements on transactions that are already being made, but no deal is in place  
  • Easily monitor and facilitate renewals so that agreements are re-negotiated before they expire, even if they occur on a non-traditional renewal timeline  

A real-time view into the most important aspects of rebate performance empowers effective communication with executives who are increasingly depending on rebates to drive profitability.

  1. Promotions

A new deal type in Enable that lets you easily create and manage high-quantity, standalone, lump sum agreements for marketing and promotional events. Promotions can help your business achieve important goals by incentivizing specific buying behaviors that align with your needs. If you’re looking to boost a new product category, centralize shipping operations in a certain region or accomplish almost any other objective, designing specific promotions that reward your customers for desired behaviors can be a very efficient approach.

Companies can use Enable to:  

  • Create, manage and track the performance of all your promotions in one place  
  • Authorize and invoice promotional deals independently of annual rebate programs
  • View reports and payments history for your promotional agreements
  • Easily collaborate with your partners in real time  
  • Check the progress of different incentive tiers

New to Enable? Schedule a demo to see these new product features in action.  

Already a customer? Contact your Customer Success Manager to get started.

Coming Soon to Enable

Partner Dashboard for Buying Group members

Our Partner Dashboard facilitates the sharing of progress on trading programs between you and your collaborators. For a Buying Group, the dashboard makes it easy to see a single source of truth between the group and its members. You can increase the value you provide to your members by seeing how close they are to rebate thresholds and incentivize their behavior to boost their bottom line.  

Executive Dashboard - Version 2

We listen to your feedback and always try to improve. This further update to Executive Dashboard is focused around the renewal charts on the dashboard and essentially allow users to view more granular data.

  • Workflow status & timeline - zoom in on your renewal process and see exactly which stage of workflow your programs are in.
  • Transaction's view - view your renewal values in terms of contract spend, rather than in terms of earnings

Our Early Adopter Program

This program is designed to foster a closer relationship between Enable and key customers. With the objective to identify and understand opportunities, prioritize enhancements and release them to participating customers ahead of broad availability. Want to be part of the program? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to find out how!

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