Enable welcomes Mark Gilham as Director & Evangelist

Enable welcomes Mark Gilham as Director & Evangelist

We are pleased to announce Mark Gilham has joined Enable at an exciting time for the business.  

Being a chartered and certified accountant, Mark started out his career in blue chip financial institutions including Barclays Bank and Royal Bank of Canada, before moving to Grafton Group Plc where he was responsible for rebates and SPA’s as a commercially focused Finance Director in their UK merchanting division.

That’s where Mark’s rebate management journey with Enable started, in 2014 as a client using a bespoke software solution and over the subsequent years he provided expertise that helped shape the Enable product as we know it. At Grafton he witnessed first-hand the limitations and ultimate failure of trying to manage rebates in an ERP, and subsequently implemented the Enable SaaS product, replacing the calculation of rebates in spreadsheets.

Adopting Enable allowed Grafton to better manage rebates and claim an additional £1m each year from suppliers. It also provided visibility and insights to leadership, which influenced changes in strategy, ultimately improving both margin and sales.

After nearly a decade at the construction materials supplier, Mark then joined e-commerce fulfilment company Fulfilrr Group in November 2021 and modernized their IT and finance systems, whilst also introducing a pricing strategy using customer rebates to drive sales and improve customer loyalty.

What will the Director & Evangelist role involve?

By definition an evangelist derives from the Greek word euangelion meaning “good news”. That's what an evangelist for a company does they advocate the product and “spread the word” of the company.

As an Evangelist for Enable, Mark brings a wealth of experience and knowledge; knowing the ins and outs of rebates and how they can strategically influence the growth and sales of a business and incentivize loyalty.

Being a well-recognized and well-regarded member of the rebate community and the industry at-large, subsequently being quoted by Harvard Business Review on the topic of rebate management. Mark will bring a unique perspective and will be instrumental in helping us grow a community, educating those just starting out with rebates to those that are using them as a strategy, and the milestones in between.

Mark will engage in direct conversations and topical discussions with the rebate community to find out their challenges and get their perspective to generate thought leadership and problem-solving content. He will also tell the Enable story of why we exist and how our product roadmap will evolve over time to meet the needs of those managing rebates. All of which will help foster industry relationships and increase Enable’s reputation within the industry and community.

When asked about his new role, Mark said, “Having worked with Enable as a client for many years I have seen first-hand how great the people are and the benefits the software delivers. I believe the journey is just getting started and Enable will play a key role in the modernization and optimization of deal economies around the world”.

If you would like to connect with Mark, please reach out via LinkedIn.

Elizabeth Lavelle

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