Enable Now Available Through Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Enable Now Available Through Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Enable is proud to announce that our rebate management platform is now available on Microsoft AppSource and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, two of the most trusted and convenient sources for software and cloud applications on the web. This new partnership with Microsoft is a significant step towards expanding the availability of Enable and making it significantly easier for businesses to access rebate management software.

At Enable, we are committed to providing the best rebate management platform on the market, and this partnership with Microsoft allows us to bring the unique benefits of our solution to even more organizations. Through Microsoft AppSource and the Azure Marketplace, businesses can easily purchase Enable using their existing Microsoft contracts, making the procurement process more convenient than ever.

In addition to the simplified procurement process, purchasing Enable through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace can also help customers fulfill their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) requirement. This means that businesses can ensure that their credits in the Azure Marketplace are used, allowing customers to make the best use of their MACC requirement.

“Enable’s goal is to make B2B rebate management more efficient and effective for businesses, while reducing risk and manual efforts,” said Jonas Laucys, Enable’s VP of Global Field Operations and Partnerships. “By investing in a partnership with Microsoft, we are taking a significant step to make our solution more accessible and easier to deploy to a very wide range of organizations. Our rebate management platform has already helped Microsoft customers process millions in rebates, and we look forward to seeing this number continue to grow with greater availability through Microsoft's marketplaces.”  

“With Enable's comprehensive features and Microsoft's global reach, we expect that this partnership will allow more businesses to discover the benefits of automated rebate management, empowering them to build better trading relationships and more resilient supply chains,” Laucys added.

As companies continue to face the myriad challenges of managing rebates in an increasingly complex global market, Enable's platform provides a streamlined solution for strategic and collaborative rebate management. Our platform's comprehensive features provide businesses with the tools they need to track, calculate and manage high volumes of complex trading agreements in real-time, helping them optimize their rebate programs and make data-driven decisions to drive growth. With our platform now more accessible for Microsoft customers, we are excited to help even more businesses simplify and streamline their rebate management processes, allowing them to focus on growth and profitability while building stronger relationships with their trading partners.

View our listings in Microsoft AppSource and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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