Enable is a premium sponsor at IDEA eBiz Conference 2022

Enable is a premium sponsor at IDEA eBiz Conference 2022

After our recent announcement of an exclusive partnership with IDEA, we are thrilled to be a premium sponsor at their eBiz Conference 2022, held in Chantilly, VA at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles on March 7-9th, 2022.

eBiz 2022 is the only eBusiness forum dedicated to the electrical industry and provides networking and education for IDEA Connector and Exchange users. B2B leaders from both manufacturing and distribution come together for this one-of-a-kind networking and educational event to get an exclusive inside scoop on IDEA products and industry trends, as well as networking opportunities and educational sessions.

Across the 3 days Enable will be located at booth 17 & 18 near the main entrance so feel free to come and say hello and ask our team any questions. Alongside this, on Tuesday, March 8th at 1pm, Andrew Butt, CEO, Enable and Mike Wentz, VP of Sales & Marketing, IDEA will be presenting an educational session on “Driving mutually profitable growth with the Electrical Industry’s preferred rebate management system”.

With rebates being complicated and ambiguous, they can lead to disputes and excessive manual work that distract from what’s most important: focusing on customers. This session will cover how rebates were created to drive behavior and to align manufacturers and distributors so they can serve customers better together. As well as why it’s critical for trading partners to have a shared understanding of rebate agreements, with clarity on exactly what’s included and how rebates are calculated.

By integrating IDEA’s standardized product data with Enable’s modern rebate management software, electrical manufacturers and distributors can now take their rebate management to the next level, unlocking growth opportunities while reducing administration and improving trading partner collaboration.

Attendees of eBiz 2022 can learn about this exciting new IDEA and Enable partnership that will help manufacturers and distributors to:

• Make their rebate agreements deliver profitable growth

• Easily use IDEA product information within Enable’s rebate management solution

• Track and execute rebate agreements collaboratively with trading partners

To find out more about the IDEA eBiz conference click here.

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