Enable are building a culture of employee ownership with its Equity Incentive Plan

Enable are building a culture of employee ownership with its Equity Incentive Plan

At Enable we believe in making other people’s lives better—both through our product and in our everyday interactions. We recognize that an organization differentiates itself by its strong culture, we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels their efforts are valued so they can bring their best, authentic self to work everyday. 

Recognition, reward and celebration forms a happy productive workforce.  That's why we have introduced many distinctive benefits that delight our employees and remind them often of their worth. This includes our Equity Incentive Plan.

What is the Equity Incentive Plan?

One of the biggest steps we’ve taken to reward our employees was implementing an Equity Incentive Plan that includes each and every Enable employee. In 2020 all employees were given the opportunity to become real owners of the business by being awarded options over shares in the company.  All our new joiners are included.  This reinforces a culture of ownership so each of our employees feel empowered and motivated to do great work.  

Our employees are the driving force behind our success and this generous equity plan rewards them for ​​the hard work and heavy lifting that goes along with building a company.  The value compounds as Enable reaches key milestones in the future.  We are focused on ensuring this Plan creates significant value for all our people by sharing real ownership of our increasingly valuable business. 

Enable plans to almost double its headcount in the next 12 months and we know by rewarding our employees in this way we can continue to retain top talent that supercharges the company. Research has found that the average employee-owned company enjoys “increased firm productivity, profitability, and longevity” when compared to their competitors.

“At Enable we are committed to enhancing the career growth and aspirations of our team” says Andrew Butt, Co-Founder and CEO of Enable. “We want to take this opportunity to reward our employees for their continuous effort and contribution with a meaningful equity plan”.

Why are we offering equity to our employees?

·  To ensure that we all share personally and meaningfully in Enable’s success.

·  To motivate our teams to achieve extraordinary things.

·  To foster an ownership mentality.

·  To incentivize everybody to grow with the company.

Would you like to join a fast-growing SaaS company? We’re hiring!

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