Announcing the Enable Catalyze Conference 2023

Announcing the Enable Catalyze Conference 2023

Catalyze is back, bigger and better than ever before!

After a successful conference in Miami in 2022, this time we're heading to the windy city of Chicago from 7-8th June 2023 for a 2 day conference.

Join innovators and key decision-makers from across the rebate community to level up your rebate knowledge and skills while exploring emerging supply chain trends and discovering new strategies to drive your business forward.

This year’s conference will feature engaging sessions, best practices and real success stories designed to instil attendees with critical insights to effectively use rebates as a strategy.

We're putting the spotlight on rebate professionals, no matter the stage of their rebate management journey. Together, we’ll share how they have propelled their careers forward and set their business up for success.

Whether you’re in procurement, sales, marketing or finance, if your role touches rebates, don’t miss this ground-breaking conference! 

Why Attend Catalyze?


Like our online rebate strategist community, our conference allows you to meet rebate experts in person so you can learn from each other, network together and share similar experiences and best practices around rebate management, all while bringing new and thought-provoking ideas to the conversation.


It’s time to put aside reactive approaches to rebate management. In today’s complex trading climate, a thoughtful rebate strategy allows you to more nimbly adapt to market changes by creating granular, timely incentives. No one can afford to leave money on the table. We’ll teach you the tactics and tools needed to become more strategic so you can drive the best possible outcomes for your business and your trading partners.


Now, more than ever, rebate professionals are poised to dramatically impact their businesses. To set yourself up for long-term career success, you need to help your business grow while developing and improving your skills. A better understanding of rebates will help you do this and more. Rebates offer significant untapped potential as a driver of business growth. Join us and learn more.

We hope you can join us! Get your ticket!

Elizabeth Lavelle

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