Aligning Goals and Incentives: Enable Celebrates Oversubscribed $94M Series C Raise

Aligning Goals and Incentives: Enable Celebrates Oversubscribed $94M Series C Raise

We started Enable with a simple premise: trading partners should be able work together without friction, without data siloes, without agreements that can’t be found. They should agree upon, execute and track their trading agreements in one place. This cohesion and shared data bring about transparency and helps rebuild the loyalty and trust that’s needed for trading partners to operate as seamless extensions of each other.  

This relatively simple belief is what led us to start Enable in 2016 when a lack of trust and siloed data were eroding the supply chain, subtly reshaping trading behaviors between manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Those changes have only accelerated due to consolidation in the industry.  

Consolidation is one of the central challenges destroying the trust between trading partners, as it forces decisions to a more abstract, corporate level. At the same time, customer expectations are rising. We bring the expectations we have as consumers with us when we go to work, meaning we want our B2B supply chain to function like our B2C one — and the B2B supply chain simply isn’t designed to keep up with expectations like these. Complicating all of this even more is the reality that businesses operate in silos. This means that trading partners often don’t share critical data, resulting in disputes that further erode trust, and further complicate end service to the customer.  

We took our vision for a healthier, more vibrant supply chain to the market— and the market has spoken, allowing us to raise an oversubscribed $94M Series C funding round to help businesses throughout the supply chain overcome all these challenges.  

Alignment on Goals and Incentives

We started our rebate management platform to help trading partners align on their agreements and track the status of their rebates. We’ve had a relentless focus on this since.  

And we’ve discovered that rebates are a great incentive. Rebates help align and drive mutually beneficial behaviors between trading partners — as well as behaviors that are beneficial to end customers.  

We’ve found that rebates especially, perhaps uniquely, help align partners in a way that doesn’t erode their pricing power or margins. In fact, rebates contribute to both. We believe rebates are the healthiest incentive available to every member of the supply chain. When supply chain partners are aligned and coordinated as seamless extensions of each other to achieve the best outcomes, we’ll see our supply chain’s health improve and transform into a thriving partner ecosystem.

Collaboration at the Heart of Growth

The challenges manufacturers, distributors and retailers face aren’t going anywhere. If the growing stress on the supply chain and repeated failures have shown us anything, it’s that those challenges will persist and grow increasingly complex.  

Our goal is to facilitate thriving partner ecosystems throughout the supply chain. To do that, we’re constantly adding incredible new features to the Enable platform. In the coming months, you can expect to see more feature rollouts that support you, from robust dashboard experiences to our new special pricing agreement and promotions tools. Plus, we’re creating integrations with partners like NetSuite, PROS and more to help you drive your business forward. Everything we’re working on is designed to help you facilitate your trading agreements with increased ease. You’ll also see greater international expansion.

All of this will come with product enhancements guided by YOU! Keep an eye out for local and virtual meetups, more Rebate Strategist University content and our growing rebate strategist community...  

We also invite you to join us in Chicago this June for Catalyze 2023, where you will join innovators and key decision makers from across the rebate community to level up your rebate knowledge and skills, explore emerging supply chain trends and discover new strategies to drive your business forward.

Because at the end of the day, if we succeed in our goal of frictionless trading between partners, we all win by having a healthy, vibrant, supply chain. After all, that’s who we’re for. We’re here for the supply chain. We’re here for you.

Andrew Butt

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