6 Ways You Can Ensure Customer Rebates Drive ROI

6 Ways You Can Ensure Customer Rebates Drive ROI

Picture this: it’s early morning, around six or seven, depending on when you prefer to wake up. The sun is just rising, and you’ve decided that you’re finally going to start jogging to get in better shape. You put on your workout clothes and go to your closet to grab your shoes—where you discover your laces are tied in knots.  

If you spend the time pulling the knots apart, you won’t have enough time to go for a run today. You may even be late for work! But if you don’t pull those knots apart, you won’t try to go for a run tomorrow. Or any other time in the future.

Dealing with rebates can feel like untangling tight, complicated knots. Everyone’s rebates have grown more complicated as customer demands have shifted and the supply chain adapts to our changing world.  

So how do you know your rebates are working for you?  

Download this handy checklist to discover six ways you can make sure your rebates drive ROI—whether you’re in spreadsheets or using a robust software like Enable.  

Christina Grenhart

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