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Units of measure conversion

Trading Programs supports ‘per unit rate’ program lines, where a monetary amount is earned for each ‘unit’ of product purchased. Trading Programs' ‘Fixed Unit Rate’ program line mechanism plug-in and all unit-based targeted mechanisms are used for units of measure conversion.

Some program lines may exist where the unit of measure to which the per unit rate applies is different to the unit of measure that applies to the included transactions. For example, there are program lines where the rate that has been agreed with the supplier is a rate per ton but the unit of measure that applies to the included transaction is bag or kilogram.

Within unit-based mechanisms, it is possible to enter different program line and transaction units of measure. You can then enter in the conversion factor, which will be the number of transacted units within each program line unit (or the number of program line units in a transacted unit). For example, there may be 25 bags in a tone, where the transacted unit is ‘1 bag’ and the program line unit is ‘1 tone’. Therefore, the conversion factor is 40 as there are 40 transacted units in each program line unit. If no unit is entered in this field, then the value will default to 1 so that transaction and program line units will be the same for calculation purposes.


In addition to this, some program lines may require a different unit of measure conversion rate on a product by product basis. This can be achieved by selecting the 'dimension-specific unit of measure conversion' box within the mechanism.


Once the mechanism has been saved and had the appropriate dimensions assigned to it, a new section will appear beneath the conversion settings. This section will have a downloadable CSV template for the product specific unit of measure conversions, which can then be filled out and reuploaded. Once uploaded, the program line will calculate the correct earnings for the program line based on all of the individual conversion rates.

Unit of measure conversion is a free feature of Trading Program and can be configured on request. Please raise a ticket to enable this feature.

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