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Trading partner divisions

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Some companies have trading agreements with trading partners (typically suppliers) that are very large in size and comprise multiple subsidiaries or divisions. Because of this, the company can have deals in place with multiple sides of the same business where they want sign-off of the deals to be separate for the separate parts of the business.

Trading Partner divisions is an optional setting that can only be turned on by Enable staff. If you would like this functionality to be turned on for your channel, please raise a helpdesk ticket or contact your onboarding team.

Once configured, users can set up divisions like so:


You create divisions on the divisions tab of a trading partner. This division isn't assigned however until to go to the collaborators tab and assign a collaborator against the division . Note, you can assign multiple collaborators to one division and assign one collaborator to multiple divisions.


Or you can assign a division by assigning a trading program to this trading partner division.


Then, when the program goes through workflow, in the approval hierarchy, only the contacts that are in the correct division are invited to sign off the agreement.

As you can see below, only Edmund Keeper is in Division 2 and is the only collaborator who is invited to sign off the agreement.


Internal Users Filtering

You can also assign internal users to a trading partner division. I.e. if one side of your business only deals with one side of the trading partner business. This can be set up in the hierarchy section of config, structure as well as in workflow roles. You simply assign their user email to the User to Trading Partner divisions mapping as shown here:


You also need to set this as the invite basis for each workflow role. To show this explicitly, I have changed the workflow invite basis for just the finance team:


This results in this hierarchy:


What you see here is that now, from finance, only Brad is invited as I assigned Daniel to division 1. However, both of the negotiators are invited to sign-off the agreement. This is as despite setting Alan in division 2 and Harry in division 1, as the invite basis for the negotiator role isn't set at Trading Partner.

If you have any questions or you would like Trading Partner divisions to be configured for your channel, please contact Enable today.

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