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Navigating a SPA via Collaborator

In Collaborator, each special pricing agreement (SPA) is laid out in a consistent format, including tabs and sections, for you to easily locate the relevant information on the agreement.

Need help finding your SPAs before looking at the PDF? Click here to learn how to view SPAs via the SPAs listing in Collaborator.

SPA parties

The parties involved in the agreement are displayed at the top of the page when viewing an individual SPA.

Parties are displayed as manufacturer, distributor, and end-customer, whether the end-customer is individually specified, multiple end-customers, or any end-customer.

SPA parties

SPA contract status

The contract status is displayed in the top right of the page, and indicated the state of approval of the SPA. The contract status will be either:

  • Draft: Your trading partner (Distributor/Manufacturer) has not yet finished creating the SPA.
  • Ready for approval: The SPA has all required fields filled out, and is pending an approved state. Transactions will not be matched to this SPA, and support will not be calculated or accrued until the SPA has been approved. Your trading partner (Distributor/Manufacturer) will need to mark the SPA as approved to change this status.
  • Approved: The SPA is active, and is accruing support based on transactions that have been imported and matched to the SPA.

SPA Terms tab

The Terms tab specifies key details of the SPA, split into the following sections:

  • Parties: The organizations with which the agreement is held, i.e. Manufacturer, Distributor, and End-customer(s).
  • Details: The basic elements of the agreement, including reference, agreement name, delivery types and the dates the agreement is valid for.
  • Distributor terms: The calculation method (support mechanism), pricing, and other details specific to the distributor on the contract.
  • End-customer terms: The calculation method (pricing mechanism), pricing, and other details specific to the end-customer on the contract.
  • Branches: The distributor branches which will qualify to receive support.
  • Products: The individual products, categories or groups which will qualify to earn support.
  • Rebate interactions: Interactions where rebate will be deducted from support calculated on the SPA.

SPA Notes tab

Within the Notes tab, you can review custom text notes that have been added to the SPA by your trading partner (Distributor/Manufacturer).

Notes could include terms and conditions, payment conditions, or other information relevant to the SPA.

SPA Notes tab

SPA Documents tab

Within the Documents tab, you can review supporting documents and files that have been added to the SPA by your trading partner (Distributor/Manufacturer).

Documents may include agreement approval evidence or files containing pricing information (e.g. net prices for included products).

You can click on a document to download the file to view.

SPA Documents tab


Each SPA has a PDF document available via the PDF tab, which summarizes details of the agreement outlined in the Terms and Notes tabs.

Click Download PDF to save the file for access outside of Enable.

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