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Regain control of your rebate earnings

A dedicated system that can effectively handle supplier rebate management and maximize their value.
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Improve cash flow with better rebate visibility.

Automated accruals

Accurately track rebates due,  including any supplier-guaranteed margins, with a thorough audit trail facilitating dispute resolution.

Cash collection support

Ensure all rebates are claimed and cash is received promptly. Look back retroactively and claim any missed earnings.

Comprehensive reporting

Get full, real-time visibility of deals, thresholds, and through margin to help you maximize your rebate earnings.

Powerful supplier rebate management software for grocery wholesalers

Grocery wholesalers can generate significant income with supplier rebates. Yet the trade agreements that create these behaviors are often lost, fragmented across the business or hard to replicate in ERP systems. This means progress is difficult to track, forcing you to leave valuable rebates unclaimed.

Enable allows grocery wholesalers to manage, track and maximize the value of supplier rebates centrally, resulting in stronger supplier relationships and a healthier bottom line.

Why Enable for grocery wholesalers?

Claim all rebates owed

Most ERP systems lack the granularity to track rebate earnings in detail, so 4% of potential margin from rebates typically goes unclaimed by grocery wholesalers. Enable ensures you invoice for all rebate owed, improving profitability.

Track rebates across many locations

Whether you have five outlets or 5,000, Enable gives you a centralized platform to track every purchase and in-store promotion against your rebate deals and market development funds, so you don’t miss out on a cent.

Make smart buying decisions

When you have complex deals with multiple tiers and conditions, knowing what to buy (and when) to earn the most in rebates can be difficult. Enable gives you full insight into your incentive programs to help you make the right decisions.

Improve supplier relationships

Enable’s collaboration features let you work strategically with your suppliers to grow your businesses together, while still offering competitive pricing for your customers – creating a win-win approach for everyone.

Boost bottom-line profitability

Every extra dollar of earned rebates adds to the bottom line. With Enable, you get full visibility into how and when you can earn more rebates from suppliers, with insights that allow you to maximize rebates returned to the business.

Transforming supplier rebate management in grocery wholesale

From manual, error-prone and inefficient rebate management…

  • UK’s largest wholesale services company, with revenue exceeding £8.5bn ($11bn)
  • Until 2012, Unitas was managing rebates manually on spreadsheets, with risk of human error
  • Slow and inaccurate forecasting meant rebate thresholds and opportunities were missed

…to streamlined rebate management with benefits for members and suppliers

  • Rebates are tracked accurately and invoiced promptly, improving cashflow for members
  • Members can track their own potential earnings and achieve higher growth
  • Supplier collaboration capabilities means Unitas can better support suppliers’ growth initiatives

From a custom-built system that lacked automation…

  • Legacy custom-built rebate management system couldn’t support business growth
  • Lack of integration and invoicing capabilities meant lots of manual data extraction
  • Data was not trusted to be accurate or up-to-date, making forecasting difficult

…to automated, reliable and future-proof rebate management

  • Rebates are automatically calculated, reconciled and accrued, with automated invoicing
  • A single source of rebate data means accurate cashflow forecasting and planning
  • Enable supports Henderson’s wider digital transformation for greater efficiency
Henderson Group building

From slow, cumbersome spreadsheets…

  • Managing, forecasting, and creating invoices for such a high volume of rebates became a challenge
  • Lost time tracking down critical information across the team
  • Data living in separate siloes became problematic

…to maximizing rebates

  • Trading team gets better clarity and a clear picture of where to focus their buying power
  • Increase rebate potential for their suppliers
  • Speed up and streamline the rebate management process

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