Wickes onboard Enable’s rebate management software in a highly accelerated timeframe

Wickes onboard Enable’s rebate management software in a highly accelerated timeframe

Following significant organisation changes, Wickes classed the implementation of Enable’s rebate management software as a priority 1 system for the retail company.

Wickes Building Supplies Ltd (Wickes) have chosen Enable’s software to allow the tracking and reporting of rebate agreements, providing greater visibility of this key revenue source. Wickes is a digitally lead service enabled home improvement British retailer whose vision is to have a Wickes project in every home, being the partner of choice for home improvers and local trade. Based in the United Kingdom, with more than 240 stores throughout the country, the main business is the sale of supplies and materials, for homeowners and the building trade with a turnover of £1.2 billion. Over the last 40 years, their success is down to being the strongest brand in the market while offering outstanding value for money and high quality products. Wickes take pride in being an innovative multi-channel retailer and ensuring the organisation is equipped with modern technology is enhancing the growth of the business and relationships with trading partners.

During 2019, Wickes and Travis Perkins released the news of a demerger which is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2020. Wickes, as part of the Travis Perkins Group, have utilised Enable’s rebate management software since 2014 and understood the benefit and impact it had on the accuracy of their rebate data. Wickes have now separated out from the previous software instance into their own software platform which they have been using since the beginning of 2020.

Andy Cotterill, Head of Strategic Procurement said:

"As part of Travis Perkins Group, our Wickes Commercial and Finance teams were familiar with the usability of the Enable deal management solution, as well as our suppliers, and I was keen to continue to take the partnership with Enable into Wickes as we become a stand-alone business in 2020. This separation programme put significant pressure on the timelines we had to work with, and the Enable and Wickes teams worked excellently together to land the software integration in a very short period, so we were ready for 2020 commercial terms to be loaded. The programme management support from the Enable team was strong and their response to the few implementation challenges we had kept us on track as well as the comprehensive onboarding they offered to the system users.

"Having their own rebate management system allows greater autonomy for the organisation and progression towards strengthening their trading performance. Wickes will have the capability to better manage their own supplier rebate agreements, accrual forecasting and calculations whilst creating a clear audit trail that supports financial compliance. The new Enable system aids the business’s objective to execute their own strategy and priorities regarding investment and proposition development."

Zoe Cooke, Senior Account Manager said:

“We were aware that Wickes had tight deadlines and that we would need to move very quickly if we were to onboard them in five weeks. The Wickes team were fantastic to work with and as a result of strong collaboration across both teams we achieved a highly successful implementation in record time.”

Elizabeth Lavelle

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