Real Change Happens with People, Not Software

Real Change Happens with People, Not Software

While ordering a new piece of furniture, do you spend more time ordering it or reading through and verifying customer reviews on the product?  

Probably the latter.  

The B2B buying process has changed drastically and now more closely resembles that B2C experience. The modern buyer wants to consume and interact with content on their own before deciding to engage with the seller. As a B2B software business, we get this. That’s why we want to equip potential customers with the appropriate tools and best information to set them up for decision-making success.

Rebate Management: For the People

Market forces play a leading role in disrupting relationships between manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the supply chain. Because these businesses operate in siloes and lack visibility and transparency into deals and data, disputes arise between partners. Now more than ever, there is a strong need to understand your customers at every level of the supply chain.

Customer centricity is something we pride ourselves on here at Enable. Every operation is undertaken with a customer-focused lens and is hyper-focused on serving the best outcomes. In fact, one of our corporate values is Dependability — meaning we prioritize building strong relationships with our customers by being reliable and trustworthy.  

So, while you might think rebate management software sounds like a dark art practiced and understood only by engineering, finance and other commercial teams, that's not the case. We ensure our platform is customized to suit your complex rebate management needs. Going above and beyond for our customers is not an afterthought: we understand that rebates are key to driving critical business behaviors in your trading partners.  

Want to see more? Check out these ways rebate management software can alleviate some of your business's major pain points.

Come One, Come All

The general notion behind leveraging rebates as a strategy is not common. Why? Because rebates can be incredibly complicated, and systems aren’t built to manage complex incentive structures like rebates. Plus, rebates are an afterthought to many organizations. Making rebates part of your business strategy means trying something new — and no one likes change.

Change in processes, change in mindset, and change in approach. And that’s not always easy — especially at an organizational level. Many are often content using legacy systems or tools prone to error to manage their complex rebate deals.

Do you still use internet explorer to run and conduct your business? Probably not. The people in your business who understand the value of a modern internet browser have probably convinced you (much like those furniture reviews) that you should use a modern browser instead. That's why we surround ourselves with experts: each one of them helps us take steps toward the growth of your business.

We ask you to share that same confidence with us at Enable. We’d like you to be part of this journey with us for a brighter future: for your business, for your trading partners, for your growth.  

Nitish Menon

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