Introducing Enable's Rebate Strategists Community

Introducing Enable's Rebate Strategists Community

Hi everyone,  

My name’s Cale, and I’m the Sr. Community Manager for Enable’s exclusive new Rebate Strategist community. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind online space for rebate experts across the world to discuss thought leadership, explore industry trends and network with each other. We want to help rebate strategists learn and grow their rebate strategies as they work across the various industries within the supply chain.  

For those that may be new to online communities, I wanted to take time to talk about a few basics when it comes to community and how to make the most of your experience in Enable’s Rebate Strategists community.  

What is community?

A community is defined by the shared experiences, beliefs, practices, and values of its members. It can be defined as a group of people of any size.

Why do communities matter? Congregating around a shared interest is at the heart of what we do as human beings. At times, it can be challenging to find your people online. Communities provide members with a voice and a venue to revel in successes, trepidations, and excitement about any specific theme. In our case, there’s no social media algorithm or Rebate’Tok to help you find peers around the world who work in supply chain finance. At, we’ve got you.  

Finding your people and engaging in community goes all the way back to the 1990s and early 2000s. In those early days of online communities, people formed social networks and organized forums where they could gather to talk about their interests. As the communities grew, people started looking for ways to make them safer and more functional. The role of community manager was then born…  

What does a community manager do?

The person or team that runs an online community is responsible for setting the strategy and ensuring that the platform is built to meet the needs of its members. They also train the organization to get involved and make the community a great place for people to gather.

Community managers are also responsible for maintaining and improving a brand's presence online and in-person. Through their work, they help build a strong relationship between the organization and its audience.

How can you use our community?

We built this community with YOU in mind. Too often, it feels like no one understands how rebates matter to businesses. So, we created a space for supply chain managers to spend time forming connections with others based on that shared affinity for rebates.  

Your experience in the community is entirely your own. Whether you’re a rebate manager who’s been using rebates to increase revenue for multiple years or are new to how the whole rebate thing works, all are welcome.  

Within our platform, you can post discussions, ask questions, run polls or even host events. Do you have a tried-and-true strategy for communicating with your partners? Share it with the group so others can learn from your expertise.

We’ve also created a variety of channels (we call them sub-groups) based on specific interests, ranging from relevant industries to casual chitchat. If you’re in the manufacturing space, join our manufacturers group. If you you’re a distributor, we’ve got a group for you as well!  


I’m genuinely thrilled with the progress we’ve made so far and have enjoyed meeting each person who’s become a part of our special little corner of the internet. The future of the rebate world is bright, and now with our Rebate Strategists community, the future of personal rebate connection is even brighter!  

Register here to join the discussion today!

Cale Parks
Sr. Digital Community Manager

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