How the Enable & NetSuite ERP Integration Increases Value for your Business

How the Enable & NetSuite ERP Integration Increases Value for your Business

In today’s world, rebates have become increasingly complex and often make up a significant proportion of a company’s bottom line. Without total control of your rebates, your business isn’t leveraging all the tools required to boost financial performance, increase operational efficiency and mitigate business risk. You probably already know spreadsheets aren’t doing enough for you, and you may have invested in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, thinking the ERP will be robust enough to manage rebates.

If you have, you’re probably disappointed in the results when it comes to rebate management.

ERPs are large, vast, complex and comprehensive. This means that installing, modifying, connecting to and working with your company’s ERP comes with many challenges — especially because each ERP is unique. Plus, ERP integrations are prone to delays, pricing influxes and almost constant scoping adjustments. So why integrate at all?

Because specialized requirements demand specialized solutions.

That’s why Enable and NetSuite teamed up to bring you the ultimate rebate management solution. Now, you can maximize the arrangement of your deals as all your transactions, items, relationships and complex deal arrangements will be integrated between NetSuite and Enable. This allows you to seamlessly manage your deals without needing to worry about the benefits being reflected in your ERP.

Ashley Truong
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager

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