Help center: helping our users get the most out of Enable

Help center: helping our users get the most out of Enable

   Enable is pleased to announce that the Help Center knowledge base is now up and running!

   For over a decade, our rebate management software has helped distributors, wholesalers and buying groups manage the income they receive from suppliers and customers by simplifying business-to-business trading, unlocking hidden revenue and maximizing profit in their trading agreements.

   A dedicated Client Services team was established in May 2017. The introduction of this team provides our clients with a reliable resource to assist with both ongoing support and the delivery of bespoke project work. As the number of DealTrack users continues to expand at a significant rate, the ability for the Client Services team to deliver the right support in real-time could become increasingly challenging. We, at Enable, believe that our clients want more than just someone who solves their existing problems. Rather than being reactive, we make great efforts to be proactive.

   That's why we are providing DealTrack users access to an online knowledge base that provides ‘how to’ articles, guides and tutorials. Our Help Center will be able to teach you how to easily set up and manage DealTrack, find information regarding updates to the product, and much more. In short, if you want to set up DealTrack, fix a problem or are just curious and want to learn more about managing your trading agreements and rebate earnings with DealTrack, the knowledge base is an excellent place to start.

   One of the main benefits of having a knowledge base is its 24/7 availability. DealTrack users will be able to access information when they need it, from any device. You won't have to wait until the morning to contact the Client Services team to solve a problem which could be fixed with two clicks.

   The articles within the Help Center provide users with both a basic understanding of the product and a more detailed walkthrough of the core functionality, by providing a series of steps to help complete specific tasks.

   User guide

   The user guide category has been created to help day-to-day users of DealTrack learn everything they need to get up and running quickly, and to help answer any basic questions they may have for how to use the product.

   Admin guide

   Within DealTrack, the admin area is know as the Config module. This is the central place for managing users, configuring the structure of the system and importing turnover. How to do this is all covered in the admin guide category of our Help Center.


   Enable is always striving to create new and innovative ways to improve the overall DealTrack user experience for our clients. By making it easier to deliver the right support in real-time we can help to meet our clients evolving needs and expectations. DealTrack users can simply search for their issue, select a relevant article and follow the guidance to fix the issue. They get what they need immediately, resolving their own issue, and don't have to even pick up the phone or log a ticket.

   For any queries that our Help Center can't assist with, the Client Services team are on hand to provide our clients with an ongoing support service.

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