Enable sponsoring and presenting at PROS Outperform 2021

Enable sponsoring and presenting at PROS Outperform 2021

Enable are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring and presenting at PROS Outperform 2021. The annual conference will take place across three days (16-18 November) and has an action packed agenda of immersive sessions that provide insights into what the road ahead looks like for pricing, selling and eCommerce professionals plus how to get the tools and resources you need to drive real change in your organization.

Enable's very own Senior Solutions Consultant, Case Hoogerhuis who has worked in SaaS for over 11 years will be hosting a session  "Perfecting the Art of Building an Effective Strategy with Rebate Programs"

November 18 3.50pm - 4.15pm GMT | 10.50am-11.15am ET | 7.50am-8.15am PT

With products often eligible for multiple rebate and tiered programs, this can have massive ramifications on what is paid to a customer from one deal to the next. Throw in the complexity of today’s rebate programs and manual processes, it begins to become even more unmanageable. Companies struggle to get a firm grasp on setting appropriate prices, analyzing strategies and optimizing based on real-time data. This results in rebates being seen as a burden instead of an opportunity, money being left on the table and shrouds the very data that can lead to the deep insights you need to price more effectively.

The key points Case will cover include:

  • The importance of rebates in quote generation
  • Why rebates should be seen as an opportunity, not a necessary evil
  • Having the right data at your fingertips and using it to price effectively

The event is now over, thanks for coming!

Elizabeth Lavelle

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