Enable Becomes an Official NetSuite ERP Integration Partner

Enable Becomes an Official NetSuite ERP Integration Partner

We’re excited to announce Enable’s partnership with premier enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution NetSuite is now live. This exciting new partnership integrates Enable’s robust rebate management solution with NetSuite’s powerful system, all in the cloud.

Both Enable and NetSuite understand how important rebate management is to many companies. With disruptions up and down the supply chain, ever-tightening margins and increasingly complex deals, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have reliable information about rebates they owe to partner and that partners owe to them. Enable gives businesses the insights they need specifically into their rebate strategy. NetSuite provides insight into nearly every other aspect of the business. By combining forces, Enable and NetSuite have made it easier for businesses to see an incredible range of information, including the status of their trading relationships, units sold, rebate dollars earned and so much more.

Throughout the integration’s buildout, NetSuite proved to be a superior partner. Together, Enable and NetSuite were able to complete the integration not just on-time but ahead of schedule without any additional investment or added scope.

The integration teams from both companies:

· Set and reviewed appropriate product and people expectations

· Focused on product and customer rather than just revenue

· Involved the customer success team throughout the process, not just product teams

· Communicated tirelessly around major and minor milestones

· Tested continuously, not just at key checkpoints

We are thrilled to be a NetSuite partner and cannot wait to integrate with other key performers in the ERP space.

Adam Jamal

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