Enable Becomes an AD Strategic Service Provider for Rebate Management

Enable Becomes an AD Strategic Service Provider for Rebate Management

Affiliated Distributors (AD) are a dynamic community of 850+ independent distributors across nine industries: electrical, HVAC, industrial & safety, GYPSUM supply, PVF, plumbing, bearings & power transmission, safety network, decorative brands.  

Since 2014, Enable has helped AD manage their supplier rebate programs across every division and country. Now, we have gone one step further and will serve AD members and suppliers with an AD-vetted software solution to help members manage their rebate programs more effectively, too.

“We’ve long held a great relationship with AD, one of Enable’s early customers in North America,” said Andrew Butt, CEO of Enable. “We are excited to provide additional benefits for AD’s members and suppliers, so they can gain even more value from their rebate programs. We look forward to building even more together.”

The Importance of Being an AD Rebate Management Service Provider

Rebates are key behavioral drivers. This year alone, rebates will impact $70 trillion of global trade. And more than ever, efficient management of rebate complexity has become a critical challenge for manufactures and distributors alike.  

Both AD and Enable recognize many rebates are managed and earned through AD. However, other rebate programs are managed outside of AD such as:  

• Non-AD supplier rebate programs  

• Customer rebate programs  

• MDF/Co-op programs  

• SPAs (ship and debit)  

• Commissions  

Like AD, Enable believes that having control of these rebates and incentive programs is a huge priority to drive performance. Enable’s software will help AD members and suppliers manage and optimize their rebate programs to level-set earnings performance through robust forecasting, accruals, reporting, dashboards, and more.

Referring to the partnership, “We continually identify ways to help our members and suppliers grow and become stronger together,” said Drew Moyer, CFO of AD. “As an organization we already have a great working relationship with Enable, and we share a keen awareness of the need for a more strategic and holistic rebate management solution for our members and suppliers. By extending our relationship with Enable to include them as a service provider we will work to eliminate rebate inefficiencies, deliver new data-driven insights, and provide an elevated experience across all our customers. This will produce stronger revenue and earnings outcomes for our members and suppliers.”

Ashley Truong
Sr. Partner Marketing Manager

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