Enable appoints Shawn LaVana as SVP of Global Marketing

Enable appoints Shawn LaVana as SVP of Global Marketing

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn LaVana as SVP of Global Marketing at Enable.

Shawn comes to Enable as an experienced technology leader, skilled in running corporate marketing, demand generation, content, and product marketing at high-growth SaaS organizations. Shawn looks to do the same at Enable, where he will drive the demand generation, product marketing and positioning, and content that will help fuel future prospects.

"We’re thrilled to have Shawn join our team and lead the marketing organization," said Andrew Butt, Co-founder & CEO of Enable. "As we’re scaling rapidly, the marketing team has been operating at a fast pace. We’re looking forward to Shawn’s guidance and expertise as we expand globally as the category leader."

Shawn joins Enable from Cloud Academy (acquired by QA) where he was the SVP of Global Marketing. His previous experiences there and at Payfactors (acquired by Payscale), Virgin Pulse, and ShapeUp (acquired by Virgin Pulse) have let him leverage his strength of using strategic positioning in combination with operational excellence to differentiate and rapidly grow industry leading companies.

"We're standing on the shoulders of giants here," said Shawn LaVana, SVP of Global Marketing at Enable. "The team at Enable has built an amazing product that helps its clients easily manage even the most complex rebate management programs. As I've spoken with customers, learned about the product, and met the Enable team, I’ve been consistently impressed. Each Enable team member has a deep amount of knowledge, talent, and drive that together weaves the collaborative, solution-oriented culture that shines in the organization. Combine the team and culture with the product-market fit and customer happiness, and it's quite clear that there is a massive opportunity in front of us."

To view the full press release, click here.

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