Andrew Butt — EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year Awards finalist

Andrew Butt — EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year Awards finalist

We are pleased to announce that our MD Andrew Butt has been shortlisted for the EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year (2018) Midlands awards in their "Disruptor" category for Enable innovation.

*Andrew co-founded software company Enable International Ltd in Stratford-upon-Avon with serial entrepreneur Denys C. Shortt OBE, and since its inception in 2000 has overseen the growth of the company.

Andrew's strength lies in his visionary approach and he has applied this intently in the goods supply business, with particular success in the building materials distribution industry. Trading agreements between manufacturers and distributors in this sector are based on complex pricing agreements involving retrospective discounts, rebates, growth incentives and contract support. These types of deal were originally invented so that suppliers could maintain their list prices and reward those who sell the lines that they want to promote. The practice is now so widespread that building products distributors find that rebate income forms virtually all of their profit. Having discovered the complexity of recording and making claims against these deals, Enable developed rebate management software. This integrates with existing financial management systems and automates what can be a very complex series of calculations to ensure that all accruals and claims are made correctly.

However, Andrew views accurate rebate management as just the starting point. A solution that aids negotiations and fuels mutually profitable growth for suppliers and distributors is the prize. Instead of focusing on increasing the amount of rebate that can be earned (which is simply chipping away at supplier margins and has a finite limit), Andrew recognised that more could be achieved by fundamentally changing the way distributors and their suppliers work together. He invited leaders from distributors and manufacturers in the UK building materials sector to form an Industry Advisory Group to get to the heart of the real challenges in their industry. His team then got to work on an exciting new development phase - software that helps distributors and suppliers negotiate, track and execute deals for mutually profitable growth. Andrew's team at Enable are disrupting the procurement practices in this sector. They help both sides of the negotiation work together for mutual success with strong analytical tools at their fingertips.

*"The EY Disruptor award focuses on entrepreneurs who are more than just innovators – they push boundaries and take steps to revolutionise an existing industry or enter into or create a completely new one.

The award will be presented to an individual who is shaping and improving our working world and constantly striving for excellence." Ernst & Young

Andrew Butt

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