A Guide to Taking Action with Enable’s Executive Dashboard

A Guide to Taking Action with Enable’s Executive Dashboard

Have you or your team experienced one or more of the following challenges?  

  • Drawing insights from a high volume of granular rebate program data  
  • Realizing that you’ve narrowly missed a rebate earning tier when it’s too late
  • Allowing agreements to expire without renegotiating a renewal

If so, you are not alone! Many of our customers have faced similar issues, and that's why we built the Executive Dashboard – a real-time snapshot of the most important data from your trading programs.  

Follow along as we outline the key features of the dashboard as well as quick tips to act on the insights surfaced.

Opportunities: Easily Prioritize Actions to Maximize Earnings

With a high volume of trading programs running simultaneously, how do you assess and prioritize what actions to take to maximize earnings? The opportunities table ranks the top programs to focus on based on:

  1. The rebate earning potential if the next tier is reached  
  1. The time left in the agreement to reach the tier.  

Save time typically spent analyzing the data with a clear starting point for which programs require action.

Quick Tip: Review the top programs on the opportunities table on a weekly basis. If a program stands out, click a level deeper into progress tracker to analyze the details and ensure the correct actions are being taken to achieve the next earning tier.  

Renewals Status & Timeline: Take a Proactive Approach to Renewing Trading Programs

Agreement timelines can vary widely across deals from annual to bi-annual to monthly – the list goes on. If your organization is managing a high volume of deals with variable renewal dates, it’s inevitable that some agreement renewals will slip through the cracks.  

Using the renewal status chart, easily assess the status of all agreements. If a high percentage of renewals are consistently overdue, there may be an underlying issue to uncover. With a monthly timeline of upcoming expirations, it’s easy to take a proactive approach to managing renewals. You can click into expiring agreements directly from the dashboard and start the renewal process.

Quick Tip: Review your renewal timeline on a monthly basis. Start the renegotiation process early for all upcoming renewals in the next month to ensure no agreements expire.  

Compliance: Strategically Unlock New Rebate Deals

Have you ever wondered what percent of all your transactions are eligible for rebates versus not? The compliance table provides a clear breakdown as well as identifies:

  1. Which products are being purchased most but earn the fewest rebates
  1. Which partners are purchased from the most but earn the fewest rebates

These insights can highlight opportunities to negotiate an incentive agreement with a partner.  

Quick Tip: Review products and partners that aren’t eligible for rebates on a monthly cadence. Try to negotiate an incentive deal for a partner or product each month armed with the spend data. If they aren’t amenable, you may want to seek out a different partner who will provide an incentive deal!

If you are interested in learning more about Executive Dashboard, please get in touch or schedule a demo!

Mary Makris
Product Marketing Manager

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