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Enable is the market leader in the development of retrospective rebate and overrider management systems

Enable develops browser based systems to solve business problems. We have an in-depth understanding of supplier rebate management through our work with various clients.


We understand that effective rebate control and management is notoriously complex—the risk to your company of not realising your full revenue increases in proportion to this complexity.


Our systems provide a fail-safe protection to lucrative rebate agreements, enabling you to maximise income within any deal.


We recognise that rebate requirements vary from organisation to organisation—an off the shelf solution will not suffice.


We have designed, developed and implemented finely tuned solutions for clients across many industries.


Our experienced team of Business Analysts has extensive knowledge of best practice in other sectors which can add great value when analysing your requirements.

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To discuss your software development requirements please contact us at hello@enable.com or call +44 330 3112 808.

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Case studies

Wolseley deployed a system built by Enable to improve the management, visibility and tracking of payment terms, providing clear time savings in the administration of complex deals.


Our systems offer core benefits to a company in terms of revenue optimisation, cost reduction, risk management and cash release.

Rebate management software

DealTrack is a software solution that helps organisations manage complex trading agreements involving retrospective payments, such as rebates, retrospective discounts, royalties, purchase income and back margin.