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Features for compliance teams

A rebate management platform you and your shareholders can rely on. Utilize our accurate, up-to-date financial reporting to avoid any nasty surprises. Join the many companies trusting Enable.
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Smarter deal management. Accurate and audited.

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Defensible rebate accruals are essential for financial reporting that you, your shareholders, and regulators can trust. Many companies choose Enable rebate management software for that reason: to avoid finding nasty surprises in their financials.

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Clear, auditable workflows

Save time and reduce errors

Consistent, secure and auditable workflows are essential for business success. Enable gives you both manual and automatic workflow options, all based on your own internal processes. It also lets you collect digital signatures, to keep everything flowing as fast as possible.

Trading partner sign-off Let your business partners view deals awaiting approval, sign off those deals, and see a history of their actions. See a video guide
Approval workflow Track the approval status of deals based on your approval process. Learn more
Approval workflow
Executive workflow
Executive workflow Visualize, summarize, and compare trading agreements to help everyone in the approval chain understand the impact of proposed deals ahead of sign-off. View our workflow options

Accreditations and reports

Enable achieves ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

ISO accreditations

Since 2014, Enable is proud to hold the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 27001 information security accreditations.

Enable works had on promises to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availibility of information security.

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SSAE-18 SOC reports

Enable is commited to obtaining the SOC 1 and 2 reports under SSAE-18. We are currently working with a fully qualified US audit firm to obtain these reports.

See our progress so far

Report, collect and allocate deal money

The most complete cash management capability

Record and track payments received from suppliers against Enable-calculated deal earnings, and monitor everything through a comprehensive set of standard reports.

Payment history report
Debtors report See due and overdue rebate, grouped into aged time periods. Learn more
Payment allocation report View earnings, receipts, adjustments, and resulting balance per payment frequency period for a deal. Learn more
Payment history report Access a complete log of payments, allocations and adjustments. Learn more
Cash collection Review due and overdue rebate earnings, grouped into aged time periods, and see cash activities in the activity log. Learn more

Tracability, accountability, reliability

User activity

Many user interactions in the system are logged and made available to administrators via an activity log with filtering options. The results can also be downloaded as a CSV.

Workflow audit

Our automatic workflow provides an effective audit log for signing off plans.

Application logging

Extensive logging takes place throughout the application, hosting infrastructure, and background processes to further extend our ability to track changes made in the system.

Server monitoring

Metrics are captured, monitored and reported on throughout the Microsoft Azure cloud hosting infrastructre. This provides us easy access to observe and tackle any issues.

Healthcheck monitoring

A number of system health checks have been implemented across Enable to help us provide a stable and reliable application.

Forecast with confidence

Predict your deal performance

Reliably and accurately predict rebate payments using Enable’s powerful forecasting capabilities—from high-level deal analysis to advanced forecasts that factor in seasonality and industry knowledge.

With confidence in your forecasts, you can better apportion payments throughout the length of the deal and accrue for rebate payments immediately when they are incurred, not just when they’re paid. That way, you can minimize end-of-year adjustments and operate with greater financial transparency and precision year-round.

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