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Vision is easier when things are transparent.

CEOs tell us they are ultimately judged on their decision making. They also say that you can only make the right choices when you have all of the pertinent information. Enable helps you see clearly into the past, present and future.
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Rebate is a revenue opportunity. Make it work for you.

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Business leaders make the best decisions when they have all the relevant information. Enable helps you see clearly into the past, present, and future of your rebate deals, so you can make strategic decisions that have a real impact on your bottom line.

Try for free Fully functional trial. No credit card required.

Clear, auditable workflows

Save time and reduce errors

Consistent, secure and auditable workflows are essential for business success. Enable gives you both manual and automatic workflow options, all based on your own internal processes. It also lets you collect digital signatures, to keep everything flowing as fast as possible.

Trading partner sign-off Let your business partners view deals awaiting approval, sign off those deals, and see a history of their actions. See a video guide
Approval workflow Track the approval status of deals based on your approval process. Learn more
Approval workflow
Executive workflow
Executive workflow Visualize, summarize, and compare trading agreements to help everyone in the approval chain understand the impact of proposed deals ahead of sign-off. View our workflow options

Take control

Get a clear view of your deals.

Rebate calculation

Calculate deal earnings at the level of the deal as a whole, and at the transaction level entered into the system.

Opportunity and risk reporting

Get reports, dashboards, and notifications to help you maximize the value of live deals and minimize the risk of missing important targets.

Actionable insight for better deals

Compare deal performance side by side

Performance tracking

While many companies track deal performance manually at year end, or at best quarterly, our rebate management software Enable gives you a daily performance dashboard — so you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

With dashboards for a range of job roles and seniority levels, Enable empowers purchasing and sales teams to make trading decisions far more frequently and proactively — maximizing their business performance.

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See actuals to date — and where you're heading

Year on year reporting

Review spend and rebate accounting performance for the current year vs previous year, and actuals vs forecast for the year to date and the full year.

Margin warnings

Spot incorrect selling prices, with the power to check the absolute margin of sales orders as they’re placed.

Support every deal and rebate agreement

Represent any deal

Use Enable’s comprehensive and unrivaled set of deal mechanisms to represent almost any business deal. With over 3,000 deals already represented on the system, you can get started fast.

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Share deal data with your trading partners

Manage deals more effectively, and minimize disputes, by inviting trading partners to collaborate on deals within Enable.

Model the future

Get on the same page as your strategic trading partners

Scenario modelling

Take the lead in conversations with your business partners by adjusting purchase and sales transactions in Enable to create 'what-if' scenarios and forecasts. Enable’s powerful rebate management capabilities, means you can rapidly model high volumes of transaction data across a huge number of deals, giving you the insights you need to make the right commercial decisions.

With deal earnings calculated per-product, per-location, per-day, you can create highly specific scenarios and quickly assess margin vs revenue for any given category, so you can see where to push volume to help you maximize profit

A feature complete system

What else can Enable do?

icon Standard rebates and overriders Gain visibility of your rebate earnings from deals linked to purchase volume or value.
icon Growth and bonus rebates Track rebate earnings from volume or value growth, or achievement of a target threshold.
icon Net / Net-Net price analysis Get up-to-date information on Net and Net-Net pricing.
icon Audit log and permissions View a record of every step of every deal, with an activity log of key user actions.
New features and improvements are released every 6 weeks
User guides for every feature available at our help center

Exchange Deals

Get on the same page as your strategic trading partners

Jointly execute deals for mutual reward

Wave goodbye to spreadsheets and the ambiguity, errors, delays, and disputes they cause. Say hello to a universal language for trading agreements between manufacturers and distributors, helping both parties drive mutually profitable growth in the new collaborative economy.

With Enable rebate management, your suppliers bring in their product catalog and supplier products are pushed into your rebate management system, so you can map each supplier product to your code and categories, and run cross-supplier reports.

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