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Video: Maximizing revenue from complex rebate agreements

As a leader in developing retrospective rebate and overrider management systems, Enable was delighted to exhibit at eWorld Purchasing & Supply 2011.

The event — held at the QEII Conference Centre in central London — focused on leading-edge technologies and techniques within the procurement and supply chain functions.

Enable gave a presentation at the event describing how our clients maximize revenue from complex rebate agreements. In this video: Andrew Butt and Paul Murphy.

Fast facts

Rebate management system


Monthly active companies


Transactions processed annually


Typical profit margin enhancement

10 wks.

Average cashflow improvement

3 mo.

Or less ROI

Real time rebates tracking

Introducing the watchlist


Opportunities alerts

DealTrack alerts you to opportunities to maximize the rebate present in live deals, and the risk of failing to hit rebate targets, helping to steer purchasing and sales behavior to best effect. Make more decisions more rapidly to drive profitable growth.

Proven and Trusted

Leading companies worldwide are driving profitable growth with DealTrack

Case study

“DealTrack ensures our rebate agreements are centrally recorded. It found missing rebates that we were able to collect. Now, DealTrack helps us to spot opportunities and collect rebate on time.”

Barney Craft, Travis Perkins

Clients that use DealTrack rebate management software

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