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ERP integration

Most modern ERP systems have the capability to manage simple rebate agreements, such as deals earning rebate amounts that are either fixed or a percentage of total spend. But many wholesalers, distributors, merchants, buying groups and retailers negotiate complex agreements that cannot be accommodated by core ERP software, which is where Enable comes in.

There are many other reasons why organizations increasingly prefer a ‘best of breed’ rebate management system such as Enable, as follows:

  • They have multiple ERP systems across their group. Rebate agreements are negotiated at group level and need to sit above the individual ERP systems.
  • Productivity can be boosted, particularly for commercial teams, by using an optimized deal management system such as Enable instead of navigating through the complexity of ERP systems.
  • Authoring, approving and tracking deals is a collaborative process facilitated by workflow and partner portals. This is often not compatible with the ERP approach which tends to be transaction-centric.
  • Companies do not necessarily want all of the individuals involved in the rebate management process to be users of the ERP system(s).

There are a number of integration points between Enable and your ERP system

ERP integration points