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Coming up next: record more flexibly with early cash allocation and claim points

Product FeaturesDecember 17, 2021

This round of updates includes completion of the payment workflow functionality and an expansion of your options for handling financial data. Highlights include the ability to scrutinize balances, to allocate cash early and to adjust expected payment dates using claim points. You'll notice as well that program proposals now update to reflect recent transactions and that additional conditions for program lines are even more flexible. Finally, we've continued our work to make the system accessible in a variety of languages and, as usual, we've added functionality related to special pricing agreements.

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Jerry Brooner featured on Selling in Color podcast

Build It BetterDecember 14, 2021

Sales is a fundamental element of businesses. Without it, companies wouldn’t generate revenue! And with hundreds of thousands of niches and topics for sales professionals, do you think it makes sense for all salespeople to look and act the same? In today’s episode of Selling in Color, host Donald C.Kelly is joined by Jerry Brooner, President of Global Field Operations at Enable, to discuss diversity in sales and how you can take steps to establish a diverse team in your organizat...Continue reading

Developing a business case for rebate management software

The Deal EconomyDecember 13, 2021

The remote way of working due to the pandemic has made it more difficult than ever before for rebate professionals to justify the continued use of spreadsheets and dispersed documentation. Today’s rebate professionals need to be working with consistent, reliable numbers and with seamless processes, so they can obtain profitable growth. Rebate management software delivers these benefits, giving organizations consistent and increased visibility of their data and supports internal and externa...Continue reading

Featured article — How cloud-based supply chains can dramatically improve flexibility and resilience

Build It BetterDecember 10, 2021

Andrew Butt, CEO of Enable has written an article on “How cloud-based supply chains can dramatically improve flexibility and resilience” for Supply & Demand Chain Executive. For supply chain leaders it’s been long overdue to digitize operations and migrate to the cloud. This transition will increase visibility, resilience and agility, forge healthier relationships and automate manual processes. Andrew delves into: The cloud makes supply chains transparentHow digit...Continue reading

Enable’s November 2021 Customer Advisory Board Event

Build It BetterDecember 9, 2021

This November, we held our second CAB event across two days for our North American and European customers to meet, network, and provide input and direction into strategic initiatives as we continue to scale. Our customers are experts in their own industries and as a customer-centric business we rely on their expertise to guide our decisions. Therefore, it is important for us to truly understand their needs, help solve any challenges that our customers face, and take stock of industry trends,...Continue reading

The 12 days of rebate management

The Deal EconomyDecember 7, 2021

Having a reliable rebate management system is the gift that keeps on giving year round. So, this holiday season, we are counting down 12 of the amazing features and benefits Enable can give to you every day of the year. That being said, let’s get started with the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ rebate management style! On the first day of Christmas, my rebate management solution gave to me… real-time visibility. On the second day of Christmas my rebate management solution gav...Continue reading

CEO, Andrew Butt featured on SaaS-Story in the Making podcast

Build It BetterDecember 1, 2021

Our CEO, Andrew Butt has recently been featured on SaaS-Story in the Making podcast with host Matt Wolach who talks with those who have succeeded and inspired in the world of software. How they did it, what advice they have, and what’s coming in the future with new innovation. In this Episode No. 188, “How to Scale Up by Niching Down”, Matt Wolach and Andrew Butt talk about how finding a niche has allowed Enable to scale and why companies should consider tracking their rebat...Continue reading

The five Rs of rebate management software

The Deal EconomyNovember 30, 2021

The end of the year is in sight and it’s time to think about ending well and starting a fresh new chapter. To end on a high as a company, it is necessary to be thinking about what rebate management software could add to your organization. Is your current way of managing rebates working? Or could there be areas of improvement? Perhaps, you’re even thinking of changing systems? Whatever your current situation here are five R’s that make rebate management software so enticing....Continue reading