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Featured article — Why enterprise resource planning systems fall short with rebate management

Build It BetterSeptember 28

Andy James, Director of Product Management at Enable has written an article on “Why enterprise resource planning systems fall short with rebate management” for Global Trade Magazine. Andy discusses the purpose of ERP systems and how rebates can be highly complex and dynamic so to manage them productively, companies need purpose-built software. Otherwise they’re forced to use other forms of documentation and manual logistics management, such as spreadsheets. To read the fu...Continue reading

Manual process vs automated process — Which is better?

The Deal EconomySeptember 27

Despite all of the technology at our disposal and the importance of accurate and complete data, many teams managing large amounts of rebates still rely on manual processes for calculating, accruing and allocating rebates. They often find themselves chasing down errors, reconciling data, and trying to make important decisions based on an assortment of incomplete or inaccurate rebate data. In fact, research has found that procurement, supply chain, and finance professionals are spending almost...Continue reading

Practical advice on successfully implementing rebate management software

Build It BetterSeptember 22

An effective rebate management system is proven to offer a huge range of benefits to businesses in many industries and sectors and is essential for any company hoping to be successful in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive deal economy. For many reasons, the idea of selecting, implementing, and deploying a rebate management system seems like a daunting task, with a lot of work involved and challenges ahead. However, with proper planning during the pre-implementation phase, breaki...Continue reading

How to become an agile procurement team

The Deal EconomySeptember 17

Procurement teams operate in a very volatile environment. During the early stages of the pandemic, stakeholders saw real responsiveness from procurement teams: a sense of urgency, business problem solving and far less process demands. Now, the risk for procurement is that stakeholders will want this level of service all the time, not just during a crisis. In order for procurement to be more responsive to changing business needs, they need to become agile – to have the knowledge and abi...Continue reading

5 ways to mitigate supply chain risks with rebate management software

The Deal EconomySeptember 15

Today’s global and fast-moving supply chains are getting more and more complex. Therefore, they are almost inevitably subject to greater disruption and risk. In the aftermath of the recent global pandemic, protecting supply chains is more important than ever. Some organizations were better prepared than others to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, due to implementing supply chain risk management and business continuity strategies, or by diversifying their supply chains geographically. Oth...Continue reading

Top 10 benefits of rebate management software

The Deal EconomySeptember 10

Rebate can make up the majority of profit for wholesalers, distributors, buying groups, and retailers, so effective rebate management is crucial. However, with large amounts of information and lots on people involved managing different parts of the processes inefficiently, they can become challenging and complex. This doesn’t make it easy to keep track of all your deals, develop mutually beneficial relationships and ensure profitable growth. Most companies try to use Excel spreadsheets...Continue reading

CEO, Andrew Butt featured on Code Story podcast

Build It BetterSeptember 9

Andrew Butt recently featured on series 5, episode 13 of Code Story, a podcast featuring founders, tech leaders, CTO’s, CEO’s, and Architects, reflecting on their human story in creating world changing, disruptive digital products. On the show, they dig into the critical moments of what it takes to change an industry, and build & lead a team that has your back. Andrew talks to Noah Labhart about how Enable started out with a custom software approach which eventually led Andrew...Continue reading

Reimagining the finance back office

The Deal EconomySeptember 8

As the finance back office begins to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, even in large organizations, it’s not unusual for the finance department to still lean towards spreadsheets and outdated, manual tools and processes. As a result, there is never enough time in a finance professional’s day to focus on the higher-level business objectives that help to move the business forward. Having relied on these set processes, finance teams defer to what they are used to and...Continue reading