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The 12 warning signs of outdated rebate management

The Deal EconomySeptember 21, 2020

Most businesses start out managing their rebates using a variety of simple, standalone tools such as financial spreadsheets. But from experience, we know that these outdated rebate management processes can prevent businesses from calculating, accruing, and allocating rebates easily. Businesses that rely upon inefficient rebate processes as they evolve, could face various challenges and risks that prevent growth, efficiency, and increased ROI. Don’t let obsolete rebate management processes...Continue reading

Employee Q&A – Lauren

Build It BetterSeptember 16, 2020

With over 90 people now employed at Enable and still growing, we have forged strong relationships with some of the best universities, recruiting the brightest students that they have to offer. In fact, 79% of our analysts and developers graduated from one of the top 25 universities featured in the Guardian university league table. As a growing SaaS company, we are particularly focused on recruiting passionate and ambitious sales orientated people who know our product inside and out and can forg...Continue reading

B2B contract renegotiation in challenging times

The Deal EconomySeptember 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many organizations renegotiating contracts sooner than they envisioned due to the uncertainty in the marketplace and the changing conditions of business which, when combined, result in their trading partners being unable to meet the current deal terms. Contract negotiation is a difficult exercise at the best of times, because a great amount of time and effort is spent up-front in negotiating B2B contracts, but due to the pandemic expediting contact renegotiations,...Continue reading

Infographic & report — The impact of COVID-19 on B2B rebate deals

Build It BetterSeptember 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic caught companies and whole industries off guard, as they experienced dramatic and sudden changes in demand and revenue. One of the most visible impacts of the pandemic has been the strain on the global supply chain. This was further exacerbated by manufacturers, distributors and all those selling “non-essential” goods being forced to temporarily close, with government-enforced lockdowns and social distancing regulations causing supply chain disruption and/or a...Continue reading

United Aqua Group ready to make a splash with Enable rebate management

Product FeaturesSeptember 2, 2020

Enable, the leader in cloud-based B2B rebate management software, are pleased to announce that United Aqua Group, one of the largest organizations in the pool and spa industry, has chosen Enable’s software to optimize its supplier program management and provide greater visibility of its trading agreements for their members. Enable’s centralized trading program repository, coupled with the ability to automatically pull in transaction data, will empower United Aqua Group to replace the...Continue reading

Why an audit trail is beneficial for rebate accounting

The Deal EconomyAugust 27, 2020

Every business should keep its rebate agreements transparent, recording each step in the process so that it can be traced back to the original source. To get the whole financial picture of your rebate deals you need to identify and fix any critical errors and assess ways to improve your rebate accounting process. To do this, you need access to a complete and reliable audit trail. What is an audit trail? An audit trail is a detailed record of a financial transaction or a document such as a tradi...Continue reading

Grafton implements Enable’s collaboration platform to gain better visibility over their deals and trading partners

Product FeaturesAugust 24, 2020

Enable International Inc, the leader in cloud-based B2B deal management software, today announced that Grafton Group, the international distributor of building materials, has chosen Enable’s collaboration platform to collaborate with over 500 of their suppliers to create better deals and further improve their trading relationships. Grafton have previously commissioned Enable to create software for them back in 2010 when they built them a custom rebate reporting solution. They are currently...Continue reading

August ’20 update: More diverse trading programs than ever before

Product FeaturesAugust 18, 2020

Enable is committed to constantly updating and improving our software. To achieve this, we release a new product update every six weeks.

We’re excited to introduce a new deal mechanism. ‘Targeted % with ratio targets’ unlocks even more calculation options, helping Enable to represent all of your deals. Furthermore, you can now set up exclusion rules, giving you more control over how your rebate is calculated. As well as control over your rebate calculation, granular deal lines give you control over your finances and increase the flexibility of the cash app.

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