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Why the supplier rebate is broken – and how to fix it

Supplier rebates seem like a great idea on paper. Manufacturers reward their distributors for helping them to sell more product and build customer loyalty. Distributors benefit by claiming juicy rebates that lower their costs. Both parties benefit by working together to win, serve and retain valuable customers.

There’s just one problem. At most distributors, the mechanisms for agreeing deals and for tracking, calculating, and claiming rebates are broken. There are too many different deals, and most are too complicated for ERP systems to handle, so their true value is never realized. Instead of thriving in the deal economy, distributors become hamstrung by it.

In this white paper we outline practical steps you can take to maximize the long-term value of supplier rebates.

Download this white paper to discover:

Why supplier rebaters matter
What's stopping you from managing supplier rebates effectively
The impact on your business of poor supplier rebate management
What you can do to get supplier rebates back under control
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