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The Sage site stands alone as being one of the best B2B sites

B2B Marketing magazine identified the Sage website, powered by Enable's content management solution, Content Fusion, as being the best B2B site it reviewed.

The magazine reviewed how effectively accountancy software companies were using the web to support software sales. It was interested to see how well vendors offered solutions to business needs rather than majoring on specific products, and equally how well they were able to address the diverse needs of the different sectors, recognising that not everyone looking to buy software is an IT specialist.

The verdict of the review was unequivocal. "The Sage site stands alone as being one of the best B2B sites reviewed in the series. It has been laid out to satisfy the needs of all user groups concurrently yet specifically. The content is detailed and in the main well laid out and connected with contextual links. It contains simple tools to help you decide which solution is best for you and multiple reasons for you to contact them. You can even save your profile and information relevant to you for the next time you visit the site."

Enable has supplied the content management solution for the website, Content Fusion, which has enabled the Sage IT department to delegate content preparation and publishing to the relevant people in specific departments.

The benefits have been colossal and include a dramatic improvement to the speed in which changes and additions to the content of the website can be made and the way in which the department authors can interact with their customers.

So congratulations to Sage, and Enable is delighted to be so closely associated with you.

  • Identity—how well the site conveys who you are and what you do: 90%
  • Interface design—How easy is it to use the site: 92%
  • Interest—Does it create real interest: 68%
  • In the game—Does it prove competence and capability: 87%
  • Intelligent—How well does the site cater for different needs of groups: 64%
  • Interaction—How effectively does it make the most of the medium: 40%
  • Identification—How effective is it in encouraging users to leave their details: 58%
  • Integration—Do elements smooth the transition from offline to online: 60%
  • Total: 73%—the nearest rival scored 45%!