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RPC were recognised as law firm of the year in 2014. They work predominately for multinational companies, UK corporates and firms of fellow professionals, practicing in two key areas: insurance and commercial law. RPC are leaders of technology in their field.

What Was The Issue?

RPC are passionate about empowering their clients to understand their processes and outcomes. Their Smart Management Information initiative continually looks at operational effectiveness and ensures that RPC’s services meet and exceed customer expectations. Within this analysis, a vision for a ‘customer dashboard’ evolved.

This innovative system would allow insurance brokers to easily check the status of individual claims at key points within the process. It would need to be filtered by many different dimensions and required a forward thinking team of software developers to work alongside RPC to pin down exactly what was required.

Enable entered a highly competitive selection process in a bid to bring RPC’s vision to life.

What Was Enable's Solution?

Enable scored consistently highly within the selection process. RPC felt that Enable showed the capability to deliver. They were impressed with our past projects, our work with the BBC and Marston in particular. We demonstrated impressive, forward thinking solutions and demonstrated that we could take complex data and present it in a ‘really useful and intuitive way.’

RPC were looking for a mix of outstanding technology and design. Enable offered a non-traditional approach, providing RPC with the means to pull various teams together to decide exactly what was needed. We were able to say “Tell us what you want and we will build it.”

Having embraced RPC’s unique vision, Enable created a customer dashboard utilising responsive design, allowing the system to run on smart phones, tablets and desktop and laptop computers. We worked with RPC to develop a highly innovative cloud-based architecture using Microsoft Azure, thus removing the traditional reliance on servers.

What Was The Result?

Enable and RPC worked together to build an innovative customer dashboard, currently moving towards the mobilisation stage. RPC have found the quality of the software ‘outstanding’ and hope to continue to work with Enable to add ‘real difference and value’ to the exciting business model they are just starting to create.