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Asia Intelligence runs their business on Enable technology

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Asia Intelligence is the brain-child of Joe K C de Courcy.The de Courcy family have been publishing subscription based information since 1930, and having run Stoneyhill Publishing for the last 30 years, Joe de Courcy was keen to translate their "bricks and mortar" business model into that of an e-business.

Asia Intelligence trade through their website, providing high level intelligence information on Asia through the means of a series of subscription services. They also provide a range of bespoke services.

Joe de Courcy wanted to create a brand new company called Asia Intelligence, that was totally paperless and entirely electronic. For the past 30 years, Joe had been paying vast printing, publishing and distribution costs in Stoneyhill Publishing, to send subscriptions out to subscribers, and recruit new subscribers.

They needed the system to manage subscribers, manage website content, email and communicate with prospects and clients, create and manage subscriptions, maintain prices, run special offers, promote the company and have the facility to accept credit card payments online.

The key objectives were as follows:

  • Increase sales by promoting and selling subscriptions over the Internet.
  • Reduce cost by eliminating paper, printing and paper distribution.
  • Gain peace of mind through a total web based solution that would allow all aspects of the company, including content, subscribers, orders and renewals, online.

Enable were selected because of their background experience of implementing content management systems, and the range of software available.

Asia Intelligence needed a solid platform, and one that could be configured and modified to meet the precise requirements.

For peace of mind, a single point of contact was required, and Enable were able to undertake all consultancy and training, design and develop the website, provide the CMS tools to manage the site, and provide hosting.

As a start-up Company, budget was an important consideration, and Asia Intelligence needed a fixed-fee quotation for providing them with a scalable website, that would grow with future needs.

Enable provided consultancy services to learn exactly what the requirements were, how the business would work, get an insight into how the industry operated, and above all to deliver the best solution possible.

Enable's content management solution was customised. The solution is entirely web based so there is no client-side software to install. This provided a complete set of management tools for Asia Intelligence to run their business and manage the website. Some of the tools implemented are briefly mentioned below:

Content Management to allow Asia Intelligence to keep their website up-to-date constantly.This is being used 24 hours per day in USA, UK and countries within Asia such as Hong Kong.

Subscription services. The Asia Intelligence Service, the AsiaInt Political and Strategic Review, the AsiaInt Economic Intelligence Review and the AsiaInt Monitoring Centre (to name just a few) are all mechanisms for Asia Intelligence to deliver high quality, high value content, to paying subscribers.

Full e-commerce facilities to enable Asia Intelligence customers to place orders online, choose between quarterly, one year and two year options for subscriptions and pay online.

Order management system with subscription handling facilities for AsiaInt administrators to immediately access order details, user details, view current and historic views of customer subscriptions.

User Administration tools—a CRM system that allows for sophisticated drill down to view specific subscribers. Now that AsiaInt have thousands of subscribers, it is imperative that they can call up subscribers matching specific criteria quickly and easily.


"I first approached Enable when our plans for a new specialist electronic publishing venture were in the very early stages. Since then they have developed into an invaluable partner. The solution they have provided for our publishing and customer management needs—Enable Webadmin—is highly efficient and cost-effective.

"One test of a good supplier is that they deliver on their promises, and Enable has certainly done that. Another test is that they are there for you when things go wrong, and Enable have invariably dealt quickly and efficiently with any unforeseen problems that have arisen. They are highly professional and their rates are competitive. I would have no hesitation in giving them the highest recommendation."

Joe K C de Courcy, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Intelligence Limited