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Innovorsa is an exciting, innovative company that creates diverse tools, methods, prototypes and demonstrators to help businesses. By partnering with academics, the company is able to use research and technology to develop viable commercial options. One of Innoversa’s key services to business is the evaluation of values and products to customers against costs and resources to clients through market testing.

What Was The Issue?

In order to test the credibility of an analytical system designed to present preference information against costs and resources, an Excel spreadsheet was originally created by a small group of academics. This tool was then upgraded to a prototype web application. Work was still required in order to create a viable tool for customers… Which is where Enable came in.

A reporting tool was needed to interface with Innovorsa’s existing system, Sawtooth, to obtain correct and accurate data from individual respondants. The key function of the system would be to allow users to easily view and present preference information.

What Was Enable's Solution?

Having established Innovorsa’s unique and specific needs, Enable created Axios – a reporting tool designed and built to analyze data supplied to it from Innovorsa’s exisiting system. Having obtained individual respondent’s preference data, Axios can generate values and draw conclusions as to preferences. Essentially, Axios provides clear, accurate analysis of the survey data.

What Was The Impact?

Having built a prototype to show what could be done, Enable created a working tool that could be used by both Innovorsa and their clients. Axios is able to represent and visualise data in a way that makes it easy to understand. It is currently being used in a number of ways, including the analysis of the preferences of warm leads, and as a research tool for Innovorsa themselves.

How Did Innovorsa Find The Process?

Innovorsa’s Laura Phillips explains: “Enable’s analysts and developers worked closely with us to transform what was a fairly simple research demonstrator into a professional management tool, the result is a software that looks and performs to a standard we can be proud to use with our own clients. I am confident we will work with Enable as our research and ideas for the tool develop.”